Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Acting out a play

Chen Bi Yun spoke with a low voice that contained deep concern.  There was not the slightest bit of hatred contained within at all.

But she only came within three feet of the bed and did not move closer.

If the opposite side really had a cold, she was afraid of catching it, so how could she get close?


When Xiao Ru saw this, she viciously insulted her with this in her mind.

She remembered Chen Ning’s instructions and cried as she said, “Young miss can’t hold on much longer, she keeps coughing!  She’s already spat out a large amount of blood!  Those water bowls have all been turned red with the young miss’ blood.”

She pointed at the water bowls in front of the bed.

Chen Bi Yun looked over and saw that the water in the bowls had all been turned blood red.

“Second miss, you are the concubine consort and his highness loves you the most.  His highness will definitely listen to what you say, if you ask for forgiveness for the young miss from his highness and ask him to send a doctor to come cure the young miss.  The young miss is your blood sister, you must help the young miss ask for forgiveness.  I beg you second miss.”  Xiao Ru cried as she used her sleeves to wipe her eyes.  Her eyes were completely red and swollen like peaches.

Seeing Xiao Ru act like this, the doubt in Chen Bi Yun’s heart had completely disappeared.

She knew that Xiao Ru had always been an honest girl, so she completely believed what she said.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to his highness immediately to beg for forgiveness for elder sister and to ask his highness to send a doctor for elder sister.”

Chen Bi Yun made this empty promise and then quickly turned to leave.

Seeing how sick Chen Ning was, she did not dare to stay here any longer.

Who would have thought that at this moment, Chen Ning would suddenly cough twice and roll over.

“Is that little sister Yun’er?”  She said in a weak voice.  She then covered her mouth and gave a low cough.

Chen Bi Yun suddenly stopped moving and began cursing in her heart.

Dammit, this cheap woman’s timing is truly good.  Why did she have to wake up now?

She could only turn her head and reveal a pleasantly surprised expression, “Elder sister, you’re awake?  Little sister has been worried to death about you.  Little sister is about to ask for forgiveness from his highness and ask him to send a doctor here to cure you.”

Ze, ze, isn’t your acting a little too exaggerated?  If she was in the modern age, no one would hire her even as a part timer!

Chen Ning could not understand how the original owner could be fooled by this girl who could not act at all and had continued to treat her as a kind little sister.  From the bottom of her heart, she was finally convinced that she had to send this good little sister into the yellow springs.

[TL Note: Yellow spring is the chinese equivalent of hell]

Chen Bi Yun could act, but she could also act.  She really wanted to see who had better acting skills.

“It is all because elder sister is not good.  I have a strong temper and angered his highness, that is why I’m in my current situation.  It is rare for little sister to visit, so elder sister is very grateful……Ke, ke, ke……Ke, ke, ke…….”

Chen Ning did not finish speaking before she suddenly bent over and began to cough.

Xiao Ru quickly went forward to pat her back.

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help revealing a look of disgust.  Seeing how bad her cough was, she was afraid that it wasn’t a cold, but rather it was tuberculosis!

She did not want to stay here any longer.  She was just thinking about leaving this place.

Chen Ning had already completely read her expression and her mind.  The more you want to leave, the more you will be unable to leave.

She suddenly lowered her head and gave a large cough.  A piece of phlegm flew out and perfectly landed on Chen Bi Yun’s skirt.

“Ah!”  Chen Bi Yun immediately let out a scream and her face turned pale.  It did not seem like Chen Ning’s phlegm had landed on her and rather seemed like she had been bitten by a poisoned snake.  

“I’m…..I’m sorry.  Ke, ke, it’s all elder sister’s fault.  I’ve dirtied little sister’s skirt, ke, ke…..”

Chen Ning continued to cough with the potential to spit out again.  Chen Bi Yun quickly moved back three steps in fear.

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