Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: False displays of affection

The maid quickly kneeled down, “This servant is Xia He and is the servant assigned to serve the princess consort.  Earlier the princess suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and this servant was scared so she wanted to come out and tell Elder Sister Chun Tao.  I never would have thought that concubine consort would suddenly be here and almost crashed into the concubine consort.  This one begs for the concubine’s forgiveness.”

“Did you say……my elder sister is spitting up blood?”

Chen Bi Yun did not care about teaching Xia He a lesson.  Her eyes lit up as she focused on the words “spitting up blood”.

“That’s right, the princess had suffered Mother Lin’s family laws punishment and was heavily injured, she can’t even rise out of bed.  His highness has ordered that no one is allowed to help cure the princess and the princess was completely heartbroken by this.  She has been crying everyday and accidentally caught a cold in the past two days.  She has had a high fever and suddenly spat out blood today.  I’m afraid she can’t hold on much longer……”

Xia He kneeled down on the ground while sniffling and tearing up.  Tears fell as she spoke.

Of course, all of this was what Chen Ning had told her to say.

Chen Bi Yun believed everything that was said and couldn’t help feeling happy.  Her eyes were beaming and she almost could keep it in.

She expanded a lot of effort to control her expression and reveal a worried face, “I never expected my elder sister to be this sick.  She is this concubine’s elder sister, I must go in and see my sister.”

Lan Xiang advised, “Concubine consort, this servant said that the princess is sick with a cold and this could be contagious.  With your golden body that is pregnant, you have to take care of your body.  How about…..How about we don’t go in.”

Chen Bi Yun pondered for a bit.  If she did not personally see Chen Ning lying in bed about to die, she would not feel satisfied.

“You talk too much!  The princess is this concubine’s blood sister.  If she is ill, how can I not personally go in and see her!  This cheap servant is clearly trying to break apart our sisterly love.  If you dare talk once again, then I will personally drive you out.”

She coldly reprimanded Lan Xiang.

When Chen Ning who was inside the room heard her loud and hypocritical words, she almost could not help clapping for her.

If it was the original Chen Ning, she might have burst into tears from being touched by these words.

The curtain on the door was lifted and Chen Bi Yun gracefully walked in with Lan Xiang following behind her.

Her eyes swept across the room.

She saw that the room layout was very simple.  Other than a table, a few old chairs, and a dresser, there was only a very humble wooden bed.

The dresser was completely empty, there was no decent jewelry here at all.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart filled with pride.

Chen Ning’s residence was very poor and embarrassing whereas her own residence was very extravagant.

Every piece of furniture in her room had cost Chu Shao Yang a lot of money, it was the same thing with her clothing.  There was not a single thing that did not cost a lot.  When compared with Chen Ning’s residence, it was a clear comparison between the sky and the earth.

Chen Bi Yun’s eyes fell onto the wooden bed and she saw that there was a white curtain draped around the bed itself.  With it being half open, she saw that there was girl on the bed and she noticed that familiar figure was Chen Ning.

She was facing the bed, but she couldn’t see her face.  She could only hear the low sounds of her coughing.

Xiao Ru was leaning by the bed, crying without stopping.  Even after hearing Chen Bi Yun’s approaching footsteps, she still did not turn around.

This cheap woman is still not dead!

Chen Bi Yun’s eyes contracted and she revealed a look of hatred.  Her long fingernails dug into the palm of her hand.

“Elder sister!  I am Yun’er.  When I heard that elder sister was injured, little sister wanted to come earlier, but his highness was angered by elder sister and decreed that no one was allowed to come.  Little sister did not dare to go against his highness’ orders.  Today I have hidden from the prince and secretly snuck over to see elder sister.  Elder sister, how are you now?”

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