Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Eyes like crescent moons

“I remember.  No matter what he talks to this servant about, this servant will always respond with I don’t know.”  Xiao Ru honestly nodded as she looked at Xiao Si’s back.  She could help whispering, “Young miss, this servant thinks these two people are quite alright.  Why do you not like them?”

“What is good about them?”  Chen Ning tilted her head to look at Xiao Ru.  She was a little curious.

“Well, they young master lots of money is rich and generous, also he seems quite strong.  He was able to beat up that group of bad guys with just one hand, saving us.  Also that Xiao Si, he has a nice smile.  His eyes curve just like the crescent moon in the sky.  This servant really likes his smile.”  Xiao Ru replied without any hesitation.

She gave an answer for each one of them.  It was unknown whether the two men in front of them could hear what they were saying.

Xiao Ru’s eyes shined and he couldn’t help curling his lip.

His eyes were like crescent moons?  Why did he not know this?  That’s not right, he had to go back and look in a mirror to see if they were like crescent moons.

The black clothed man looked at the smiling Xiao Si.  His eyes filled with pondering.

“We’re here.”  He suddenly stopped.

“Tai He Floor?”  Chen Ning saw the plaque hanging high above her and the three golden words written on the black plaque.  She couldn’t help being stunned.

She didn’t expect that the man would bring her here for dinner.  

The Tai He Floor was completely different from when they came here two days ago.

In front of the restaurant, there was a long line that lead to the end of the street.  It was impossible to see the end of the line.

There were two waiter standing outside the door who were constantly explaining to guests that came for a meal, “The restaurant is full, please wait at the back of the line.”

Looking in from the main doors, the huge hall was packed and there were even several temporary tables set up, everything was completely filled.  The waiters were quickly sending out dishes and sweating from their work, but their faces were all red like they were excited about something.

The shopkeeper was sitting behind the counter, counting his revenue with his abacus.  His smile stretched from mouth to mouth, it didn’t seem like it would close.

Across from the Tai He floor was also another first class restaurant of the capital city named Drunken Immortal Residence.  Normally its business would be around the same as Tai He Floor, but today it was completely empty.  The door was open, but there were no customers sitting at the tables.  The waiters were yawning and the shopkeeper was tapping his cheek as he watched the Tai He Floor across the street while clearly sulking.

“Why……Why is the Tai He Floor so popular?”

When Xiao Ru saw this scene, her chin almost fell to the floor.

“For the answer to this, you need to ask your young miss.”  The one who answered her question was the black clothed man who had been silent the whole time.

He consciously and unconsciously looked at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning gave a few low coughs and rubbed her chin.

Of course she knew the reason why Tai He Floor had become this popular.

“Aiya, miss it’s you!  You took the time to visit us and I haven’t come to visit you.  Miss please forgive me.”

The Tai He Floor shopkeeper raised his head and saw Chen Ning and the others standing at the door.  His eyes immediately lit up.

He happily came outside to offer a enthusiastic greeting.

He was only looking at Chen Ning and ignored the other three people.

“Well, we haven’t see each other in two days and it seems like shopkeeper has met a great fortune.  Congratulations, congratulations.”  Chen Ning smiled as she cupped her hands.

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