Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Who says I don’t dare

“No, no.  The reason why the store’s business is so good is all because of the four recipes we received from this miss.  Those four dishes, as long as the guests eat them, they will always be filled with praises.  One person passes it onto ten people and ten people passes it onto a hundred people.  In just two days, it had been spread across the entire capital and now everyone is coming here just to order these four dishes.  Miss, you really a benefactor of this shop!”  The shopkeeper’s smile bloomed like a flower.

“Oh, your chef could make these four dishes?  Then we must have a taste.  But your business seems so good and there’s no table left, so we’ll come back on another day.”  Chen Ning looked at the long line outside the door.

“There’s space, there’s space.  Miss is the benefactor of our Tai He Floor, so no matter when you come, there is always space.  Oh, there’s also three other guests.  Come in, come in.”

The shopkeeper personally lead the way as he brought the four of them to the third floor.

There was only a single room on the third floor which had been prepared for the most distinguished customers.  It had a quiet and serene decor which made it seem very luxurious.

After the four of them had been seated, the shopkeeper continued to enthusiastically talk to Chen Ning as he tried to curry favour with her.

The black clothed man was very impatient and stared at him with a cold gaze.

The shopkeeper suddenly felt a chill run down his back and his body freezing.  He shrunk in his neck and then looked over at the closed window.  He thought in his mind, the window is closed, so where is this cold wind coming from?

Xiao Si could not help baring his teeth.

This shopkeeper truly is an idiot.  Did he not see my master coldly staring at him, trying to freeze him to death?  He actually dares to keep talking to this girl.

“Ke, ke, ke, shopkeeper, you’ve said enough.  Let’s bring some dishes up here.”  Xiao Si couldn’t help speaking out.

He saw that the black clothed man had already clenched his hand into a fist, so he decided to save this shopkeeper before his master punched him in the nose.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, this little one has said too much.  This little one will bring the dishes immediately.”

The shopkeeper finally came back to his senses.  When his eyes met the black clothed man’s eyes, his body turned numb just like he had been frozen.

How terrifying!

How did he dare to stay here.  He bid farewell to Chen Ning and quickly left.

The room was finally quiet.

All of a sudden, no one said a single word.

If Chen Ning raised her eyes, she would see the black clothed man sitting in front of her.

He did not say a thing as he quietly sat there without any expressions on his face, his black eyes stared at her without even blinking.  An dull unpredictable glow shined in his eyes.

That oppressive feeling once again set in.  Although the two of them were separated by a table, Chen Ning still felt like it was hard to breathe.

She had originally thought about looking at the man’s face and reading into his thoughts, but being stared at by him just made her feel uncomfortable.  She could not help looking away, making sure their gazes did not meet.

“Are you afraid of me?”  The man suddenly said.

“Who says that!”  Chen Ning reflexively responded.

“Why do you not dare to look at me?”  The man stared at her.

“Who says I don’t dare?”

Chen Ning was surprised by him, so she could only look up at the man’s gaze.

His eyes seemed to have the power to enchant people.  It was unpredictable and deep like the ocean.  Like the surging tide, it surrounded her from all directions.

Once she met his gaze, her heart suddenly began to beat fast, just like a little deer running fast in the meadows of her heart.

Unconsciously her face began to heat up as she blinked her long eyelashes.

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