Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Only allowed to say I don’t know

“Since we both don’t fancy each other, then this miss will not stay here any longer.  In order to avoid harming honoured sir’s eyes, my maidservant and I shall leave.  Could respected sir not knock down another tree to scare us?  Flowers and trees all have feelings, moreover, it would be bad if you accidentally hit a little friend, right?”

Chen Ning just giggled.  After she finished talking, she turned to leave.

“Wait!”  The black clothed man suddenly spoke.  His figure flashed and he suddenly appeared in front of Chen Ning.

“What are you doing!”  Chen Ning almost hit her nose against his chest.  She quickly stopped in her step and raised her head to angrily look at him.

His eyes seemed like they were a thousand foot deep.  Just like the unpredictable deep ocean with a surging undercurrent.

He just calmly looked at her, but his eyes seemed to contain a kind of attractive power that made it so that she could not look away.

Her heart could not help beating fast.

“Miss, I want to ask you out to dinner.”  The man’s lips delicately parted as he spoke word for word.

Chen Ning’s eyes could not help falling onto his lips.

The figures of his lips were very good, they were beautiful and tough.  When he did not talk and closed his lips, they seemed to carry a kind of prestigious aura.

But once he spoke, it was like the ice melting and the spring flowers blooming.  With his lips slightly curled, not smiling made it seem like he was smiling.  His serious face turned much more gently in an instant.

The ice in Chen Ning’s heart seemed to have been melted by the spring winds coming from his mouth.

“You want to treat me to dinner?”  She raised her long eyelashes.


Each one of the black clothed man’s words were like gold, like each word was incredibly valuable.

After he said un, he turned and strolled off, not giving Chen Ning the chance to reject him at all.  He did not turn back to look at her at all, just like it was guaranteed that she would agree.

Chen Ning bit her lips.  She really wanted to turn around and run in the opposite direction.

But she involuntarily began to follow behind the man.

This man’s aura was just too strong, she had no way of guessing what kind of consequences might occur if she rejected him.

They were just going to eat a meal, it wasn’t as if she was going to lose anything valuable.  There shouldn’t be anything dangerous about this.

She tried to comfort herself in her mind.

Xiao Ru however had an excited expression on her face as she bounced up and down by her side, “This is great, young miss, this servant’s stomach has been grumbling for a while.  When we lost our money, this servant had thought that our stomachs would be empty today.  I never would have thought that young master money would be so generous and treat us to a meal.”

Chen Ning stared at her and whispered, “You have to act properly for me.  You’re only allowed to eat and not say anything, do you understand?”

Xiao Ru stuck out her tongue, “I understand young miss.  This servant will be like a mute and not say a single word.”

Xiao Si followed behind the black clothed man and kept looking back at the master and servant duo.  He continued laughing like a little thief.

Chen Ning felt anger in her heart from seeing this.  This stinky Xiao Si, he was just as bad as his master.  Neither of them were anything good.

She looked to the side and saw that Xiao Ru was smiling at Xiao Si like a flower blooming, revealing a set of white teeth.  That kind of unguarded manner enraged Chen Ning.

“As for the one named Xiao Si, you’re not allowed to notice him or even say a single word to him!  No matter what he asks you, you are only allowed to say I don’t know, do you understand?”  Chen Ning admonished.

She was worried that this girl was too simple and might be tricked into saying everything by Xiao Si.

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  1. Yadane says:

    oOo first official date

  2. Admiralen says:

    Its not so much simple as it is literally retarded
    Just last chapter she called a powerful martial artist stupid to his face and then threw the blame to her mistress

    • pliszka says:

      It is not her fault that “black master” spent too much time on cultivation, and did not learn such basic facts like that girls do not have to be reasonable. To quote a poet

      [Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing]
      Three little maids from school are we,
      Pert as a school-girl well can be,
      Filled to the brim with girlish glee,
      Three little maids from school!

      Everything is a source of fun. (Chuckle)

      Nobody’s safe, for we care for none! (Chuckle)

      Life is a joke that’s just begun! (Chuckle)

      [Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing]
      Three little maids from school!

  3. Dermam says:

    Wow that maid…

  4. Thatonefoodie says:

    That maid is a walking timebomb . She’s clearly far too stupid to trust with important stuff of any kind. She’s going to blurt it out to anyone who is slightly smarter than her. Judging from her actions so far, that’s a large portion of the population .

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