Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Girls are just this unreasonable

This was a kind of danger that she had never felt before.  Even when she was facing Chu Shao Yang’s killing intent, she still did not feel like it was this terrifying.

But this man……

It was still better for her to be as far away as possible.

“Oh.”  Xiao Ru followed what she said.

Although she thought that the young miss was being a little unreasonable since lots of money had helped them solve their problems by beating up those ruffians.  The young miss should be thanking these people instead of showing this cold expression.

She was about to go and pick up the purse, but once she looked around the surroundings, she was immediately stunned.  Tears suddenly flowed out of her eyes.

“Young miss, the purse is gone.  It was taken away by that band of thieves!  Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu, the money we worked hard all day to earn is gone!”

There was still the pockmarked man and the ruffian whose living status was unknown on the ground, but the ruffian that had stolen the purse was long gone.

Chen Ning was filled with anger.

It all because of this stinky man!

When he appeared, not only had he driven away the ruffians, he had also caused her to be stunned that she even forgot about the fact that the purse had been stolen.

Forget it, it’s fine to lose money and avoid danger!

But she hoped that she would never see this man’s face ever again!

“Don’t cry, it’s just money.  If we don’t have any, we’ll just earn some more.  Is it worth you crying over?  Wipe your tears and let’s go home.”

Chen Ning wiped Xiao Ru’s tears away and then pulled her to leave.  She did not pay any attention to the black clothed man and Xiao Si.

Watching her leave without even looking back, the black clothed man and Xiao Si were stunned.

Things shouldn’t be proceeding like this, right?

With this kind of hero saving the beauty plan, the young miss that had been rescued should be fawning over the man who saved her.  Isn’t this how it was supposed to go?

There was too much difference between reality and what they imagined!

The black clothed man touched his nose and his brows knit together.

He could not understand it.  He had clearly saved her, but she was looking at him with a cold gaze that was filled with disdain.  Could he really not fool her to accompany him?

Although he had hidden himself without coming out, he still had appeared at the most dangerous moment and chased off the ruffians without letting them place a finger on her.  Was this wrong?

Seeing Chen Ning and Xiao Ru walking further away, but his master was just standing there in a daze without doing a thing, Xiao Si could not let his master miss this kind of golden opportunity.  If his master wasn’t going to say anything, then he as the servant would have to.

He chased after them and shouted.

“Hey, young miss, you are quite unreasonable!”

Hearing this, Chen Ning could not help being surprised.

She stopped and turned around, “How am I being unreasonable?”

“You were being surrounded by ruffians and it was my master that saved you, but you haven’t even said thank you yet.  Although my master is a little cynical, do you think that those ruffians were sent by my master?  You are also a knowledgeable person, so tell me if there are people that act like you in this world!”

Xiao Si forced himself forward and pointed his finger at her.  Although he was very scared of Chen Ning’s cold appearance, he still could lot allow his master to suffer being chided by this girl, right?

When Chen Ning heard this, her lips formed a smile.  Her smile contained a trace of sarcasm.

“Who says girls have to be reasonable?  I’m just this unreasonable, what are you going to do!”

“You…..”  Xiao Si almost choked after hearing this one sentence.

This girl’s mouth is truly powerful.  It was just like a knife, it caused pain wherever it landed.

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  1. joellyanne says:

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    Omg, XR is really getting on my nerves. She’s way too innocent and when she said,”…the money we worked hard all day to earn is gone!” I just blew. ‘We”? What ‘we’? CN did all the work, the only thing you did was drool over the money.

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    Only CSB can put CN at a disadvantage

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