Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Handsome Xiao Si

Chen Ning’s brows knit together and she said in a snappy whisper, “I know it’s him, it’s not like I’m blind.”

Xiao Ru was a simple person and did not hear Chen Ning’s unhappy tone.  She looked at the black clothed man and happily smiled.  She had a very good impression of lots of money.

“Young master money, we still haven’t thanked you for trying to help us pay our bills at the restaurant last time.  I never would have thought that our young miss would be saved from the hands of those ruffians by you.  You……you really are a good person!”  She said in a straightforward manner.

Good person?!

Chen Ning scrunched her nose and snorted.

What kind of good person is he!  He’s just a villain that takes advantage of people in danger!

The black clothed man could not help rubbing his nose.  He had never been called a good person before and had never wanted to be a good person either.  He did not care about being kind at all.

The reason why he had helped them was because of his own motives.

“Right, right, right, you’re absolutely right.  My master is a very good person.  Helping the poor, being very generous, and punishing the wicked……He has done many good things before.  Is your name Xiao Ru?  This name sound really good.

Xiao Si smiled as he walked forward, moving closer to Xiao Ru.

He did not dare talk to Chen Ning because her words were like a porcupine, piercing deep into him.  Compared to Chen Ning, the innocent Xiao Ru was much cuter.

How could Xiao Ru guessed the thoughts going on in his head?  When she heard him praise her, she just felt that it was real and her smile became even sweeter, “That’s right, I’m Xiao Ru.  What are you called?”

Xiao Si revealed a smile, “I am Xiao Si.”

“Xiao Si, Xiao Si, you name is very good.  That’s right, are you young master lots of money’s servant?”  Xiao Ru clapped her hand as she spoke.

She saw that Xiao Si was around the same age as her and had a handsome appearance.  His face was beaming with a smile which gave him a favourable impression in her heart.

Chen Ning couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

This blue clothed Xiao Si looked like a harmless little brat, but he was the same as his master.  As long as Xiao Ru had this kind of unguarded personality, she would suffer a loss one day.

She was too lazy to remind Xiao Ru.  She would let this silly little girl grow herself in this way.

“Young master lots of money?”

Hearing what Xiao Ru said, Xiao Si felt that it was very funny.  He secretly looked over at his master and saw that his master’s jaw tensed up.  His eyes also turned dark and revealed a cold glow.

“My master isn’t surnamed money, so why do you keep calling my master young master lots of money?”  Xiao Si rhetorically asked.

“Because my young miss said that he is a silly person with lots of money!”  Xiao Ru blurted out without even thinking.

Sure enough, Xiao Si saw his master’s face turn as black as a pot as he glowered over at them.

He lowered his head and revealed a terrified expression, but his heart filled with joy.

This silly girl, she falls for other people’s bait too easily!

Chen Ning was so angry that she wanted to stuff Xiao Ru’s mouth up with a piece of cloth.  She also glowered at Xiao Si.

This handsome Xiao Si was just like she thought he was like, his heart was filled with bad thoughts.  The little girl was stupid, but she wasn’t stupid!

“Xiao Ru, you’re not allowed to talk with people you don’t know anymore.  Pick up your purse and let’s go.”

Chen Ning felt that the black clothed man and the blue clothed Xiao Si were not good things.  Especially that black clothed man, he was covered in a dangerous icy aura.

When he had moved close to her earlier, she felt the urge to escape.

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