Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: I do not fancy you

Xiao Si lost all his energy from his anger.  He drew back his neck and said, “Nothing….Nothing is wrong.  As you please miss, as you please.”

Chen Ning gave a cold smile and turned around to leave.

Although she did not want to provoke this black clothed man that exuded a dangerous cold aura, that did not mean that the dog following beside him could point his finger at her and shout out accusations!

Who would have thought that after she moved forward two steps, a wind suddenly blew past her ears.  Hearing a “kacha” sound, the tree beside the road was cut down and fell right in front of Chen Ning.

Xiao Ru let out a scream and moved back a step.  Her face filled with panic as she pulled on Chen Ning’s sleeve and shouted, “Thunder!  Thunder!”

Chen Ning did not hesitate as she slapped her, “Look carefully, it’s not lightning.  It’s someone venting.”

She turned back and said to the black clothed man in a cold voice, “Is this honourable sir showing off his martial arts?  You have blocked my way, what is the meaning of this?”

Although there was no expression on her face, her heart was filled with shock.  This black clothed man was clearly twenty meters away, but he was still able to send out enough force to break a tree trunk.  This kind of martial arts, she had only ever heard about in legends.

If the opposite side’s palm had not hit the tree trunk and had landed on her head, she was confident that her head would shatter like a watermelon.

“Xiao Si is right.  This one has saved this miss, so if this miss walks away like this, it is very unreasonable.”

The black clothed man had finally spoke.  His voice was very low, but it was filled with strength.

This was a very good voice.  Why did he not use it to sing on the street, instead of trying to trap her here!

Chen Ning’s stomach began to grumble.  She knew that she could not hide.  Fine, she wanted to know why this man kept hanging around her anyway.

She raised her eyebrow and revealed a faint smile, “Then please tell me honourable sir, what do I have to do to be considered rational?  Do I have to reward you with my body?”

“You, you’re dreaming!”

Once he heard the words “reward you with my body”, Xiao Si unconsciously blurted this out.

You want to repay my master with your body?  Who do you think you are?  You’re dreaming!

The black clothed man also knit his brows together and a trace of disgust filled his eyes.

Chen Ning smiled at Xiao Si, “You can relax, I don’t fancy your master.”

“Don’t……Don’t fancy him?”  Xiao Si was shocked as his eyes opened wide.

The black clothed man’s eyes sank.

“Of course I don’t fancy him, do you actually want me to pay him back with my body?  Even if he is willing, I am not willing!”  Chen Ning gave a casual shrug.

Xiao Si’s mouth was open wide as he stared at the monster like Chen Ning.

He, he, this is really interesting.

He did not think that there would be any girls in the world that would not like his master.  He never thought that he would meet one today.

The black clothed man’s eyes sank so low that water was about to drip out.

Although he wasn’t that interested in Chen Ning either, being told this so straightforwardly by the other party made him feel very angry, very unsatisfied!

“Miss, you can relax.  Like how you aren’t interested in me, this one is not interested in miss either.”

The black clothed man’s voice was low and deep, but it was filled with an aloof disdain.

“You don’t fancy me either?  Then that’s good.”  Chen Ning laughed and gave an expression of relief.  This just made the black clothed man even more depressed.

She was this happy that he did not fancy her?

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