Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012: Changing everything she likes

“Likes Xiao Si?”  Mo Chuan was stunned.  He couldn’t help clicking his tongue, “But Xiao Si is an eunuch, what would she like?”

Chen Ning stomped her foot and complained, “I’m almost annoyed to death and you’re still laughing!  It’s good if I knew what she liked about Xiao Si. I would immediately call Xiao Si over and have him change all the things she liked!”

Mo Chuan smiled again, “You always have all kinds of tricks in your mind.  Now that your maid has fallen in love with an eunuch, what are you prepared to do?”

“How do I know what to do?  Xiao Ru is still young, she doesn’t know the difference between an eunuch and normal men.  When she grows up…..”

She didn’t finish as she saw the smile on Mo Chuan’s face freeze and he stared at her without turning.

“Mo Chuan, what are you looking at me for?”

He said with a strange expression, “Xiao Ru can’t tell the difference, so can you?  Between an eunuch and a normal man, what is the difference?”

Chen Ning’s face turned red and she stomped her foot as she said, “Mo Chuan!  Can you not speak properly?”

He slowly said, “How am I not speaking properly?”

Chen Ning turned her face and moved out of his embrace.

Mo Chuan gave a laugh and brought her back in.  He said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll have Xiao Si stay a bit further away and have him come to the Guan Yu Palace less.  Xiao Ru won’t see him in the future and will naturally slowly forget him. When she is a bit older, you can choose a good relationship for her and let her marry, what do you think?”

It sounded like a good method.

Chen Ning nodded and looked up at him, “That Xiao Si, why does it seem like several days since I’ve last seen him?  Where did you send him?”

Mo Chuan said with a smile, “You’re not asking where I was and you’re worried about Xiao Si?  Could it be that not only Xiao Ru, but you also like him?”

“Mo Chuan!”  She stomped her foot again.

He smiled as he carried her to the bed.

“It’s let, we should rest.”

He placed her onto the large bed before taking off his clothes and lying down beside her.  Blowing out the candle, the room was instantly filled with darkness. There was only the moonlight shining in through the window sparkling onto the ground.

Chen Ning rested her on his arm.  She had slept during the day, so her mind was very clear and she didn’t need to sleep.  

She heard Mo Chuan’s steady breathing who had already fallen asleep.

She didn’t dare move around in his embrace, just narrowing her eyes and looking at his sleeping face under the moonlight.

His sleeping face was just like when he was awake, it was serious and ice cold.  He laid there straight with his four limbs spread out, letting her rest on one hand and holding her shoulder with the other.

His face was a bit white and his lips were a bit curled.  Even when he was sleeping, he was still as good looking as ever, a sight that she never tired of.

His body was also very warm, giving her a familiar scent and the scent of medicine.

“Strange, where did that medicine smell come from?”

She knit her brows and thought that he was injured, causing her heart to fill with pain.  She reached out to take off his clothes and prepared to look over his injuries.

She gently took off his belt and saw that he was still sleeping without moving at all.  She let out a sigh of relief and went to take off his shirt.

Suddenly, her hand was caught by a fiery hand.

She looked up and met Mo Chuan’s deep, dark eyes.  His eyes had opened at an unknown time and was silently looking at her.

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