Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1013

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Chapter 1013: Don’t want to talk about matters in the heart

“What are you trying to do, un?”  Mo Chuan slowly let go. He spoke in a lazy voice and those playful eyes looked like they had caught a child doing something bad.

This made her who felt confident at first feel a bit guilty, like she was assaulting him.  Actually she just wanted to take off his clothes to look at his wounds, what did he think that she was doing?

“I…..I was just wanted to take off your clothes and then…..”

She didn’t get to finish because his head suddenly came over and kissed her lips.

Chen Ning’s eyes were still open as she looked at his face that had been enlarged in front of her and her mind couldn’t react for a while.  She wanted to tell him, she really didn’t have any intent in violating him, she just wanted to see his wounds!

But she couldn’t say anything as his hand came to the back of her head, not letting her escape at all.  He kissed her in a strong and overwhelming manner. The kiss became deeper and their teeth began to touch.  There were fireworks that flashed in front of her eyes as her heart began to beat with his.

Mo Chuan’s eyes were half open and he matched gazes with her.  He saw that there was an intoxicated look in her eyes and his fiery kiss became more gentle as he slowly began to taste her sweetness.

He had to be careful to control his emotions, otherwise the one who suffered was him in the end.

He tried his best not to get too close to her, but she wouldn’t stay still and had to come disturb him.  Didn’t she know that even if he was sleeping, just a gentle motion would be enough to wake him?

Not to mention she boldly took off his belt before trying to take off his clothes!

A man’s clothes, how could it be easily take off.  Was she really not afraid of setting off his fire?

He wanted to give her a kiss of punishment, but as they kissed, he lost himself with her.  His breathing became heavier and the fiery kiss began to move down from her lips to her slender neck.

Suddenly, he stopped all his movements.  He turned away from her body and gave intense gasps while grabbing the bed.

Damn!  What was he doing!

Chu Shao Bai’s face flashed in his mind and the blazing flames inside his body were instantly extinguished as he began to deeply hate himself.

“Mo Chuan?”

Chen Ning sat up from the bed and deeply looked at him.

There were no candles in the room and there was only a faint amount of moonlight.  She couldn’t clearly see his face, but she could feel his painful and regretful mood.

He had just lost control and kissed her, why was he filled with such regret and pain?

Mo Chuan’s body froze before he looked up and gave her a smile like nothing was wrong.  He reached out to hold her and stroked her hair.

“It’s my fault, I lost control.  Remember next time, you’re not allowed to provoke me, understood?  Otherwise, it’s your own fault.” He said in a threatening tone.

But his calm expression couldn’t trick her.

She could see that he was hiding something!

“Mo Chuan!”  She kept looking at him.

Mo Chuan felt like her clear as water eyes could suddenly see through him.  He forced himself to calm down as he raised her chin, “Do you want me to kiss you again?”

“Tell me, what happened?”

She looked into his eyes.  With how close they were, not a single micro expression on his face could escape her eyes.

Mo Chuan looked down and pursed his lips.

This expression showed that something was on his heart, but he didn’t want to talk about it.

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