Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1011

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Chapter 1011: Saying bad things behind someone’s back

Chen Ning then thought: Not to mention it isn’t his first time looking for the number one divine doctor in the world, he shouldn’t be in any danger.

But there was a large stone in her heart that never fell down.

Xiao Ru was wiping her nose in her chest while still crying.  Her heart was shattered that Xiao Si completely ignored her.

“Don’t cry, silly girl.  Why are you crying because of this small matter?  He just didn’t see you and didn’t talk to you, and you’re already crying like this.  If he hit you and scolded you in the future, would you cry yourself to death?”

Chen Ning was angry and found this funny.  She patted her head, regretting letting it develop to this extent.

“What if the emperor hit you, scolded you, and ignored you?  Young miss, what would you do?” Xiao Ru raised her red eyes.

She said without thinking. “Why would Mo Chuan hit, scold, or ignore me?”

“Little girl, if you keep saying bad things behind this one’s back, this one will call someone to bring you out and spank you.”

Suddenly Mo Chuan’s voice came from behind the two of them.

Xiao Ru called out in surprise and jumped jump.  She turned around to look and only saw Mo Chuan standing at the door with a serious face, looking right at her.

“Emperor, forgive me.  This servant was speaking nonsense, it was nonsense.”  Xiao Ru’s leg was trembling in fear and she quickly kneeled down.

“Humph, you’re not allowed a second time.  Go out.” Mo Chuan said in a cold voice.

It was like Xiao Ru was pardoned as she quickly went out.  When she came out the door, she couldn’t help looking around.  Seeing that Xiao Si wasn’t around, she couldn’t help revealing a look of disappointment.

She wanted to ask Mo Chuan, but seeing Mo Chuan’s face, she began to tremble.  She didn’t dare say a word and swallowed her question as she left in a hurt manner.

“Mo Chuan, why are you scaring my people as soon as you come back?  You know that Xiao Ru is cowardly, she can’t take being scared.”

Chen Ning rose with a smile and came forward.

“Your maid is not only not lacking in courage, she is becoming more and more bold.  She even dares secretly listen to me talking.”

Mo Chuan had been there for a while and heard most of their conversation.  He couldn’t help being glad that he lowered his voice and that Xiao Ru hadn’t heard anything, otherwise this secret couldn’t have been kept.

“Could it be you have a secret you’re afraid of Xiao Ru hearing?  Or, are you afraid of me hearing about it?” She looked at him with a smile, deliberately teasing him.

“You’re suspecting that I’m hiding something from you?”  Mo Chuan’s expression immediately became serious, “Where’s that little maid Xiao Ru?  This one wants to send people to spank her immediately. She’s even bending right and wrong in front of this one’s empress, making this one’s empress doubt this one.  This one needs to properly teach her a lesson.”

“Alright, alright, stop scaring her.  You want to kill the chicken to scare off the monkey, right?”  She rolled her eyes at him.

Mo Chuan took her in his embrace with a smile and placed a soft kiss on her cheek before saying, “You’re not sleeping even though it’s this late, were you waiting for me?”

“Of course not, I was chatting with Xiao Ru and forgot about the time.  Mo Chuan, you must have had many things to do today, right? You were busy until this late.”

She looked at the moon outside, it was already in the middle of the sky.  This meant it was at least close to midnight already.

Mo Chuan gave an “un” sound before asking, “What were you talking about with Xiao Ru?  I saw that the little girl seemed like she was about to cry.”

Chen Ning felt annoyed thinking about it.  She gave a sigh and looked up at Mo Chuan, “She likes Xiao Si.”

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