Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1008

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Chapter 1008: Example

Chen Ning thought that Mo Chuan would be back soon, so she changed into a simple set of clothes in the room.  She took off the complicated and heavy empress robes and felt her body becoming much lighter.

Even after she waited for a while, Mo Chuan didn’t come back.  She thought that he must have gone to the royal study to take care of some business.

Being busy with the wedding and coronation, as well as her being poisoned, Mo Chuan hadn’t gotten a good rest lately.  He hadn’t even taken a step into the royal study, so there must be many matters that had accumulated over this period.

She had nothing to do, so she remembered Mo Chuan telling her to cultivate her inner strength.  She sat down cross legged and practiced her inner strength according to the technique Mo Chuan taught her.

But after breathing for a while, she felt her eyelids become heavy and she was filled with tiredness.  Without knowing it, she fell over on the couch and fell into a deep sleep.

This feeling lasted all the way until it became dark.  When she opened her eyes, she found the dusk sunlight pouring into her room and everything was blurry.

There wasn’t a single candle in the room and it was completely empty.

She saw that she was covered with a thin blanket.  It must have been Xiao Ru who quietly came in while she was sleeping, causing her heart to fill with warmth.

“Xiao Ru!”  She shouted.

“Young miss, you’re awake?”  Xiao Ru immediately came in. She had been guarding outside the door, not daring to go in and disturb Chen Ning’s rest.

“Un, is Mo Chuan back?”  She asked.

Xiao Ru shook her head, “The emperor isn’t back yet.”

She lit the candles and the room began to light up, as the warm candlelight bathed the room.

“Younn miss, are you hungry?  This servant will immediately bring some food in.”  Xiao Ru said this and then said in an embarrassed voice, “Then, should this servant call you empress from now on?”

Chen Ning pinched her nose with a smile and said, “Whatever you want to call me is up to you.”

“Then this servant will call you young miss like before.  Calling you empress sounds ugly.” Xiao Ru stuck out her tongue and walked out.  After a while, she came back with a tray and there were four different maids following behind her with boxes of food in their hands.

Xiao Ru directed the maids on placing the dishes on the table and the fragrance of the food spread out.

Chen Ning was indeed hungry and she became even more hungry smelling this food.

The dishes were finely made, it could be said that it was the work of the finest chefs of the royal kitchen.  It was filled with colour and flavour.

There were congees and sweets, fruits and candied treats, it was all very rich.

Chen Ning looked over the dishes and she couldn’t help knitting her brows.

“Young miss, do you not like the taste of these dishes?”  Xiao Ru asked in a worried voice.

“No, it’s that there’s too much.  How could I finish all this food by myself?  Is there always this much food with each meal in the palace?”

Chen Ning looked up at a maid beside her.

The maid respectfully replied, “Reporting to the empress, this was sent by the royal kitchen according to the example.”

“Example?”  Chen Ning thought about it and understood.

“From this day forth, my Guan Yu Palace only needs two dishes per meal.  Give the order to the royal palace, this is the new example.”

“Yes, empress.”  The maid replied.

“I can’t finish all these dishes, I only need four of them.  You can eat the rest of them.” Chen Ning said.

The maids didn’t dare move, like she didn’t dare believe Chen Ning’s words.

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