Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: The feeling of liking someone

Xiao Ru said with a smile, “These elder sisters, the empress’ words has no other meaning.  You can take away all these dishes.”

She left four dishes and place the rest of them into the food boxes which she had the maids take away.

The four maids took the food boxes and left.

“Xiao Ru, let’s eat together.”  Chen Ning patted the seat beside her.

“Young miss, you are the empress, how could this servant dare eat with the empress?”  Xiao Ru didn’t dare sit.

Chen Ning said with a smile, “Silly girl, just act like before.  This empress title is nothing more than an empty title, come sit down.”

She pulled Xiao Ru down beside her and placed chopsticks in her hand, “Stop holding back, just act like you did before.”

Xiao Ru revealed a smile and said, “Alright.”

After the two of them finished their meal, Xiao Ru put away the plates.

“Young miss, should this servant help you bathe and change clothes?”

Chen Ning nodded.  She looked out the window and thought, it’s already this late, why isn’t Mo Chuan back yet?

After she finished bathing, the moon was already shining on her window.  She sat in front of the window, holding her chin as she watched the moonlight, letting her wet black hair hang down.

Xiao Ru was helping her wipe her hair while saying, “Young miss, you don’t need to wait for the emperor.  If you’re afraid that you can’t fall asleep, this servant can sleep with you.”

Chen Ning said with a faint smile, “How do you know I was waiting for him.

Xiao Ru’s face turned red and she said, “This servant just knows.”

Seeing Xiao Ru’s face turn red, Chen Ning couldn’t help feeling a bit strange, “Xiao Ru, why is your face red?”

“It’s not.  It’s just warm, this servant is warm.”  Xiao Ru quickly rubbed her face and found that her face was indeed warm.

“Xiao Ru, is there something you are hiding from me?”  Chen Ning looked over at her.

Xiao Ru lowered her head and said nothing.

When Chen Ning saw her shy appearance, she was a bit surprised.  Could this be this little girl is suddenly in love?

She pulled Xiao Ru’s hand and asked with a smile, “Xiao  Ru, are you also waiting from someone?”

“Yes.”  Xiao Ru blurted out.  When she said this, she felt a bit embarrassed.

“Are you waiting for Xiao Si?”  Chen Ning thought about it and immediately guessed it.

“Ah, no, no.”  Xiao Ru quickly denied it, but she quickly looked down while being stared at by Chen Ning.

“Xiao Ru, tell me, do you like Xiao Si?”  Chen Ning looked at her without turning while thinking, it can’t be, right?  When did this matter happen? Why couldn’t she tell at all?

Could it be Xiao Ru really liked Xiao Si?  She really liked an eunuch?

No, no, no.”

“I do like him.”  Xiao Ru nervously raised her head and looked at her.

Chen Ning took a breath since she knew that Xiao Ru didn’t really understand what the word like meant.

“Do you often think of him when you can’t see him?  Does your heart beat fast when you talk to him? Can you never stop talking when you’re with him and you’re willing to listen no matter what he says?  If you don’t see him for a day, do you feel like you’re missing something and your heart is empty? Are you happy when he’s happy and worried when he’s feeling sad?  Do you even think that it is good if you can be with him everyday and never leave each other?”

“Yes, yes.  Young miss, how do you know everything I’m thinking?  You…..You aren’t a bug in my stomach, right?” Xiao Ru looked at her with a surprised and confused look.

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