Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007: He’s still alive

Her life was saved by Chu Shao Yang.

But this was him repaying her.

From now on, he didn’t owe her and she didn’t own him, they were nothing more than strangers.

Chu Shao Yang had actually done that today!

He wasn’t wild, agitated, and enraged like before, there was only calmness on his face.  He didn’t try to cause trouble for her at all. He…..seemed like a completely different person.

Chen Ning heard Mo Chuan say that Chu Shao Yang had already brought Chen Bi Yun back to the Ding Yuan Palace from the Cold Palace and he acknowledged the child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach.  Only Chen Bi Yun was still a consort and Chu Shao Yang didn’t give an order giving Chen Bi Yun her dream position as the legal wife.

Perhaps he had truly let go, letting go of his obsession with her.  He really understood how to cherish the happiness in his hands.

This was a happy ending, wasn’t it?

But did Chu Shao Yang really let go?

Chen Ning suddenly felt a chill run through her.

After Mo Chuan left the Guan Yu Palace, he was just like Chen Ning as his smile slowly disappeared from his face.

“Xiao Si, where’s Zhui Feng?”

“Reporting to the emperor, Zhui Feng is still in doctor Zhang’s palace.”  Xiao Si replied.

Mo Chuan turned around to take a look before he quickly left the palace with Xiao Si tightly following behind him.

“How is Shao Bai?”  Mo Chuan took a breath.  Standing in an empty palace corridor, he spoke in a low voice.

“Reporting to the emperor, King Jing An is still in a coma.  Doctor Zhang says that he hasn’t had water in two days and his high fever still won’t go away, this situation is not good.”  Xiao Si said in a small voice.

Mo Chuan’s breathing became tense.

“Didn’t doctor Zhang clearly say that nothing was wrong with him?  He said he would be better once he got some rest, so why is his illness become worse and worse?”

Xiao Si shrunk his neck back and said, “Emperor, doctor Zhang said that King Jing An’s sword wound was not fatal and his wound is much better after these two days, but without knowing why, King Jing An is suddenly burning up.  He becomes hot and cold suddenly that even doctor Zhang doesn’t know what it is. So…..So…..”

“Come with this one to doctor Zhang’s manor, this one wants to personally see Shao Bai!”

Mo Chuan didn’t wait for him to finish as he turned to leave.

“Emperor, you…..It’s best if you do look, King Jing An right now…..His current appearance is not the same as before.”  Xiao Si followed behind him, stuttering as he spoke.

“Why is it different?”  Mo Chuan suddenly stopped and turned around, glaring at him.

“He…..He……”  Xiao Si lowered his head.

“Xiao Si, are you hiding something from this one!  Shao Bai….is he…..already…..” Mo Chuan’s shrank as he grabbed Xiao Si’s shoulder.  There was a giant fear that appeared in his heart.

“No, no, King Jing An is still alive, he really is still alive.”  Xiao Si quickly said.

His shoulders filled with pain from being grabbed by Mo Chuan, but he withstood it without screaming.

“Xiao Si, clearly tell this one everything!”  Mo Chuan roared in a low voice.

“Emperor.”  Xiao Si quickly kneeled down and tearfully said, “King Jing An is still alive, but doctor Zhang said that he has lost consciousness and has no awareness at all.  He can’t hear or see anything and he is very thin…..So thin that he doesn’t seem like himself anymore.”

Mo Chuan’s body trembled as if he didn’t dare believe what he heard.

He looked straight at Xiao Si and said in a hoarse voice, “Say that again!”

Xiao Si swallowed a mouthful of saliva and repeated his words.

Mo Chuan felt a wave of dizziness come over him.  He looked at Xiao Si for a while before suddenly turning around and using his qinggong.  He disappeared from in front of Xiao Si’s eyes.

Xiao Si stood in the empty corridor in a daze as his heart was filled with regret and worry.

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