Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006: Closest person

Hearing her suddenly mention Chu Shao Bai’s name, Mo Chuan’s arm holding her unknowingly became stiff, but Ye Yu Xi ignored it.

“Shao Bai?  Un, I sent him out on an urgent matter and he isn’t in the capital right now.  What, after becoming my empress, you’re still thinking of him? You’re not afraid of this one being jealous?”  Mo Chuan deliberately said.

He knew that her heart only had him, but at this time, he wasn’t willing to hear the three words Chu Shao Bai from her mouth.

“Mo Chuan, what nonsense are you saying?  I’m just a bit worried about him. When I needed help the most in the past, he would always appear in front of me.  I’m afraid that something has happened to him, he…..I don’t know why, but I keep feeling a bit jumpy. What did you send him to do?  Is it dangerous?” She looked at him with a worried face.

His heart sunk a bit, but he had a relaxed look on his face.

“Do you think I would send him to do something dangerous?  He went to ask for medicine for you. The day you were poisoned and you almost lost your life, it was Shao Bai who took the initiative to find the number one doctor in the world to cure your poison.  That divine doctor is very far from the capital, he might not have even reached the divine doctor now. Since you’re worried about him, this one will send Zhui Feng to bring him back. When he learns that you’re alright, he will immediately rush back to see you.  Are you assured now?”

“Number one divine doctor?  His medical skills are even higher than doctor Zhang?”

Chen Ning had heard Chu Shao Bai mention this before.  Mo Chuan had sent Chu Shao Bai off before because he was jealous, having him ask for medicine for Empress Dowager Zhou, sending him to the number one divine doctor.

Naturally she wasn’t doubtful of what Mo Chuan said at all, she was just curious about the number one divine doctor.

“Un.”  Mo Chuan nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“Mo Chuan, send Zhui Feng to get Shao Bai to come back.  He is working that hard for me, I feel bad.” She let out a soft breath.  Hearing that Chu Shao Bai was working hard to get medicine for her, she felt moved and embarrassed.

“Alright, I’ll give the order to Zhui Feng now.  This girl, if you think of other men like this, are you really not afraid of me being jealous?”  He deliberately looked at her in dissatisfaction.

She laughed, “You wouldn’t be jealous of Shao Bai because you are worried about him like me, because he is our closest person.”

“What you say makes sense.”

Mo Chuan looked back her again before walking out the door.

The smile on Chen Ning’s face slowly disappeared.

At the coronation, she indeed didn’t see Chu Shao Bai, but she saw someone she didn’t want to see at all.

That person was, Chu Shao Yang!

If she wasn’t that familiar with him, familiar to the point that she could recognize him just based on his silhouette, she wouldn’t have believed that the person she saw today was Chu Shao Yang.

He was among the ministers wearing a sleek and bright purple robe, but not attracting anyone’s attention.

This was because his aura had completely changed, the arrogant Chu Shao Yang from before had completely disappeared.

He became deep and low key.  Although his eyes were on her the entire time, she didn’t feel an oppressive aura at all.

But her attention didn’t stay on Chu Shao Yang.  She only took a glance at his face before not sparing him another look.

Towards him, she couldn’t describe what feelings she had.

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