Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005: Making the play more exciting

“You girl without any conscience, saying that this one is a large leg!  You won’t think about it, who am I doing this for!” He said in a fake angry voice.

She giggled and said, “Of course you’re doing it for me, this little fox.  Although those ministers are all praising me, saying all kinds of fantastic praise, what ‘wise heart’ or what ‘great virtue’.  Ze, ze, they are all cursing me as the fox who has mesmerized the sacred ruler in their hearts!”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help laughing at being teased by her.

Chen Ning looked at him without turning and her eyes seemed drunk.  Looking at it made his skip a beat.

“Mo Chuan, you look really good when you’re laughing.  You should really laugh more.”

His smile was just like blossoms in spring.  The ground thawed out and it became the spring breeze that stunned her when she looked at it.

“You think that I look good?”  He asked with a smile. These words from her made his heart sweeter than eating honey.

“Of course.”  She honestly said.

Mo Chuan was happy for the first time that his face wasn’t that bad because this face was good looking to her, making her look at him without turning.

“But I feel that you look even better.  Not only do you look good, you’re also very….tasty.”

His tongue ran over his lips and he looked down at her red lips.

Chen Ning suddenly remembered the fiery kiss from the morning, jumping off the couch and moving backwards.

“Mo Chuan, stop playing!”

“Where do you want to hide?  You can’t hide from me in this life.”  He reached out his hands and easily grabbed her.  Seeing her red shy face, he gave a soft laugh.

“What are you afraid of?  I won’t eat you right now.”

Chen Ning calmed herself.  That’s right, with doctor Zhang’s medical order, he wouldn’t touch her now, so what was she afraid of!

“Actually Mo Chuan, you didn’t need to act like a rogue today.  As long as you loudly said that this one wants her as my empress, the ministers wouldn’t have said a word, but you didn’t say it.  Instead you let the ministers throw out all kinds of reasons against it and after they finished, you forced them to overthrow their reasons, making them slap their own faces.  You….You’re truly bad!” When she thought of it now, she couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

This Mo Chuan, his belly was truly black!

Mo Chuan said with a smile, “This is interesting.  Don’t you feel that watching this kind of play is more exciting?”

“Indeed it’s very exciting.  The way their faces changed, it could almost match an actor on the stage.”  She gave a charming giggle.

“That’s right, Mo Chuan, why wasn’t Shao Bai at the coronation today?  Speaking of this, it’s been several days since I’ve seen him and I haven’t heard news of him yet.  He didn’t appear at such an important event, could something have happened to him?”

Chen Ning suddenly asked.

She rarely thought of Chu Shao Bai over these past few days.  Even if he appeared in her mind, it was only for a single instant.

This was because her heart was filled with Mo Chuan, there was no place to think of other people or places.

She remembered something she read in a book before.  When you find your other half, you will ignore many people and things around you.  Your world will become very small, so small that only the person beside you is left.

This was life, no one was an exception.

Only now did she understand the true meaning of these words.

She was just too filled with happiness, but thinking of Chu Shao Bai, she couldn’t avoid feeling a bit sorry in her heart.

This was because she had actually forgotten about him!

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