Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1004

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Chapter 1004: Emperor acting as a rogue

This was a shame as big as the heavens!

That was the girl he loved for eight years, the girl deep down inside his heart.  He thought that he would never leave her and never wanted to leave her, but she was already so far away!

After the empress coronation was over, the emperor, empress, and Empress Dowager Zhou returned to the palace.  The ministers all went to their own carriages and left the ancestral temple.

Very soon, there was only Chu Shao Yang left.

He placed his right hand on his chest and felt the blood flowing, but no one could see it.  Even he couldn’t see it.


He asked himself.

It was he who used the half a piece of snow ginseng to save her life.  He could have wanted more, even the throne was at the tip of his fingers!

As long as he said a single word today. Mo Chuan would have given him the throne, but he tightly gritted his teeth and didn’t say a single word.

Mo Chuan placed another chance in front of him, but he still let this chance slip by in front of him.

This was because this was something he Chu Mo Chuan gave to him Chu Shao Yang, he didn’t want it!

If he wanted it, he would use his own power to steal if from Chu Mo Chuan’s hands, including her!

Chu Shao Yang slowly straightened his chest and stood on the high platform, looking down.  That long red carpet that created a magnificent path to the palace, her figure had already disappeared, but he kept looking at it.

The sun shined down on him and it made him dazzling once again.

There was a piece of paper tightly held in his hand, that was the divorce papers she had written to him.

He had said it before, when these divorce papers appeared in front of her, it would be the moment he went looking for her.

Chu Shao Yang’s lips slowly curled into a smile as his chest filled with confidence.

Ning’er, there will be a day when you return to my, Chu Shao Yang’s side!


Since they came back to the Guan Yu Palace from the coronation ceremony, Chen Ning immediately took off the heavy crown and rubbed her sore neck.

Mo Chuan walked over and placed his hands on her slender neck, softly rubbing it for her.  He said with a faint smile, “Was today tiring?”

“I’m not tired.  The one who’s tired is you, right?”  Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at him.

“Mo Chuan, that was a good play today!”  She bit her lips as she smiled and spoke.

“What play?”  Mo Chuan looked at her with an innocent face.

Chen Ning rolled her eyes at him and directly said, “You are an emperor and you’re acting like a rogue!”

“Pu!”  Mo Chuan couldn’t hold it in and broke out in laughter.

“How was I a rogue, please tell me.”

“You used the throne to trick the ministers, forcing them to have no choice but to accept me as empress.  Then you changed your tone to say that you couldn’t go against everyone’s will. Did you see the expressions on those ministers?  All of them looked like they were about to spit out blood and you say that you’re not a rogue?”

Mo Chuan said with a smile, “Alright, even if I am a rogue, so what?”

He thought of the bitter faces the ministers all had and he couldn’t help laughing.

“You are an emperor, of course it’s as you say.  Only those ministers never expected that the wise and honourable emperor could actually act like a rouge in public.  They are like small arms, how could they break the large leg of the emperor! Of course they were all like soft stone, you can squeeze them whenever you want.”  She said with a giggle.

Mo Chuan glared at her in an amused manner and lifted her head by raising her chin.

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