Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003: Face hitting shame

Understanding this, the ministers were all covered in cold sweat as they were filled with regret.  They shouldn’t have slandered the emperor’s beloved girl without understanding the situation.

So everyone’s tone changed and they all began to praise Chen Ning.

All kinds of “talented and virtuous” kinds of praises kept coming out.

Chen Ning never said a single word as she silently stood there.  Her black and clear eyes kept looking at Mo Chuan.

It didn’t matter if people slandered her or praised her, she completely ignored them all.  It was just like wind blowing across her ears, completely ignored.

She believed in Mo Chuan.  He said that even if the sky fell, he would hold it up for her.

So she used her entire heart and mind to believe in him.

As expected, he didn’t disappoint her!

Mo Chuan waited until everyone had finished praising Chen Ning, not being able to think of any new words before raising his hand.

The ministers all shut their mouth and it became quiet.

“Since everyone is in agreement to Chen Ning being the empress, this one naturally will not go against everyone’s ideas.  It seems like everyone likes this empress mother has chosen for this one. But from this moment forth, this one does not want to hear a single bad word about the empress, otherwise this one will definitely will not let them off!  Mother, please place the crown on for the empress.” Mo Chuan said in a clear voice.

This time, not a single ministers dared to object.

Everyone watched with serious expressions as Empress Dowager Zhou raised the dazzling empress crown and slowly placed it on Chen Ning’s head.

“Long live the emperor, long live the empress!”

The ministers all shouted out.  They stood at the gate of the ancestral temple and bowed down to the emperor and empress.

Seeing this scene, Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes suddenly became wet.  She raised her hand and slowly wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes, being unable to stop a faint smile from appearing.

She saw the pair standing in front of the ministers and she felt proud for her son and for her son’s new empress.

She could truly let go of the heavy burdens of the West Chu Country, she could finally completely leave it on the shoulders of these young people!

Everyone’s eyes were on the emperor and empress, no one paid attention to Chu Shao Yang amidst the bowing ministers.  No one noticed that he was here the at empress coronation and no one called his name.

They had already completely forgotten him.

Even he himself had forgotten that long ago, he was the famous King Ding Yuan.

He was wearing the same luxurious purple robe.  Normally in a crowd, people’s eyes would always be stolen by him, but from beginning to end today, not a single person spared him a single extra glance.  This was because he was like an extinguished candle, not releasing any glow at all.

Even if people’s eyes swept over him, they never thought that this was the normally elegant and handsome King Ding Yuan.

But this kind of effect was what Chu Shao Yang wanted.

He didn’t want to stand out or attract people’s attention, he had become deep and low key.

Chu Shao Yang didn’t want to come to the coronation at first.  To him, this was a kind of face hitting shame. If it was the previous him, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to take this!

But he still came.

In the crowd, he watched Empress Dowager Zhou put on the empress’ phoenix crown on her head, watching her appear bright in front of the ministers.  He followed the ministers in bowing down to her, personally watching as she became someone else’s wife.

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