Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1002

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Chapter 1002: Bending with the wind

“What, you don’t understand what this one is saying?  This one has already taken Chen Ning as a wife and is lacking in morals, so I am not worthy of sitting on the throne.  You can all picked a more capable person to become the emperor. This one feels that Xie Cheng Xiang isn’t bad and is qualified for this position.”

Mo Chuan directly placed the jade seal in front of Xie Cheng Xiang again.

Xie Cheng Xiang kneeled on the ground and kept kowtowing his head while saying, “Emperor, please let this minister off.  How could this old minister dare sit in the throne, emperor!”

“Master Xia, do you want to be the emperor?”

Mo Chuan thought for a bit before placing the jade seal in front of Master Xia.

Master Xia’s face also turned white as he kneeled down, quickly shaking his hands, “This minister would never dare, please take this back emperor.”

“This and that won’t work, is the emperor’s throne a hot potato?  Whoever wants to be the emperor, step out now. This one will immediately abdicate and give up the throne.”  Mo Chuan held the jade seal in his palm as he looked over the ministers one by one.

How could the ministers dare look at him.  They all kneeled on the ground and kept kowtowing.

“Emperor, please take back this order!”  They all said.

They could all see it, the emperor was wholeheartedly focused on defending his newly married empress.  He could give up the throne and only want the beauty!

But in the entirety of West Chu, there was only the emperor who could sit on the throne.  If it was changed to another person, how could West Chu have weathered the storms of the past to reach their current prosperity?

No one could do it!

“This one has done something wrong, so this one naturally has to suffer the consequences.  This throne, this one has already decided to abdicate.” Mo Chuan said with a serious expression.

“How can the emperor say this?  The emperor has done nothing wrong.  Emperor, you are the ruler of a country, you can take whoever you want as an empress!”  Xie Cheng Xiang immediately said.

He was the first one to confront this and he was also the first to change his tone.

“But didn’t Xie Cheng Xiang personally say that if this one takes Chen Ning as an empress, it is going against common sense?  Wouldn’t it be going against the people of the world?” Mo Chuan said while looking right at him.

Xie Cheng Xiang’s head was covered in cold sweat as he raised his voice to say, “That was this old minister’s nonsense, absolute nonsense.  The empress has already divorced King Ding Yuan and she is not related to King Ding Yuan at all, this doesn’t go against common sense at all.  Moreover, the empress is a true talent is terms of intelligence. If she is our West Chu’s empress, it is the blessing of our West Chu citizens.  Emperor, this old ministers completely agrees to you taking her as the empress!”

Hearing his words, the ministers all muttered in their stomachs: Old fox!

But everyone heard Xie Cheng Xiang’s words which bent with the wind and also kneeled down, as they followed suit.

“This minister also agrees!”

“This ministers bows down to the empress in admiration!”

In the blink of an eye, the ministers that had been filled with anger and speaking of the dangers of Chen Ning were all singing praises for Chen Ning.

How quick they changed faces was unexpected for Empress Dowager Zhou.

For these ministers to reach their current position, which one of them didn’t have sharp eyes.  Seeing the emperor take out the jade seal and shouting about abdicating, how could they not understand the emperor’s thoughts?

Since they admitted that only Mo Chuan could be the emperor and the emperor was not willing to back down, then he could take whoever he wanted as the empress.  What qualification or basis did they have to say anything!

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