Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1001

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Chapter 1001: Have someone else as the emperor

As expected, after the ministers were silent for a while, they turned to look at Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, her identity really doesn’t match.  There are many good girls in the world, why must you have her as the empress?”

“That’s right, emperor.  She is your junior, we will definitely be laughed at by the other countries if this were to be spread.”

“This matter isn’t good if it is spread.  No matter what, she used to be the Ding Yuan Princess, emperor, please reconsider this!”

The ministers all spoke up, trying to urge Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan silently stood there, listening to the various ministers with a serious expression, neither agreeing or disagreeing.  This filled the ministers with confidence and bravery.

They listed many different scenarios, pointing out the danger in having Chen Ning as the empress.

When the ministers said everything, Mo Chuan finally coughed and looked over everyone.

“Have you all finished?”  His voice was soft and melodious, not containing a trace of anger.

The ministers all nodded.

They had already said everything about how dangerous it was having Chen Ning as the empress, so there was nothing new to say.

“Your meaning is all the same.  You all think that this one can’t take her as an empress no matter what, right?”  Mo Chuan looked over everyone.

The ministers nodded in agreement again.

“If this one insists on taking her as empress, then this one is not worthy of being the emperor, right?”  Mo Chuan asked.

All of them didn’t know how to respond to this.  They couldn’t say yes and they couldn’t say no.

Everyone couldn’t help looking at each other.

It was good that Mo Chuan didn’t press this matter and he quickly nodded at everyone.

“Your words are all good and right.  Since you’re thinking for the citizens and this one, this one will agree to your thoughts.  Having Chen Ning as an empress was indeed a very unsuitable matter. Having her as an empress, this one will definitely be laughed at by the other countries and looked down by the citizens.  This one will go against common sense, looked down on by the people of the world, be condemned by all, and will become the great sinner of the West Chu Country.”

Mo Chuan spoke in a calm voice.

The ministers all let out a sigh of relief as they revealed smiles.

“Emperor, we as ministers are all thinking of you, the country, and the citizens.  Since you have thought this through, we ask the emperor to take back the decree conferring Chen Ning as the empress.”

“But this one is set on making her empress.”  Mo Chuan looked at everyone with playful eyes.

The chins of the ministers all fell down as they looked at Mo Chuan in disbelief.

Mo Chuan revealed a faint smile and spoke while everyone’s chin fell to the ground, “Even if there are all kinds of bad things having her as the empress, but this one has already made a decision.  In this life, she, Chen Ning will be my, Mo Chuan’s only empress. If you don’t want this one to take her as an empress, there is still another way.” 

“What way?”

The petrified ministers all asked.  Their eyes revealed expectant looks, as if they had grabbed life saving straw.

“You can have someone else be the emperor.  As for who the new emperor takes as an empress, this one naturally cannot say a thing.  What do you all think about this?”

Mo Chuan took the jade seal from his chest and placed it in front of Xie Cheng Xiang.

Xie Cheng Xiang’s old face turned white and he quickly shook his head, not daring to take it.

“Emperor, you mustn’t!”

Mo Chuan’s words made the ministers feel like they had been struck by lightning as their heads were covered in sweat.

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  1. Kobold says:

    Those who mind that much must be told about the Emperor of Tang. Yang Gui Fei was even his crown prince’s official wife, but he still schemed to snatch her anyway.
    It was even more shameless. At least here Chen ning and CSY has not consummated the marriage and their issues were known to the world. No one can actually blame her for divorcing him, and it was even her divorcing him and not reverse.
    Second example was again Emperor of Tang. With MeiNiang was also a concubine of the late emperor but then being taken as an empress by the next emperor. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any way for her to become the first and only female Emperor in China.

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