Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: Everyone speaking up

“It’s already too late once the crown is on.”

A purple robed old man with white hair came out.  His face was covered in wrinkles and he looked serious without looking angry.  He looked at Chen Ning before cupping his hands to Empress Dowager Zhou and speaking.

“Empress Dowager, this old minister wanted to ask, is the newly coronated empress Great General Chen’s daughter?  Is she the Ding Yuan Princess?”

Although he was old, his voice was firm and strong.

This question was the question in the heart of all the ministers.

Everyone immediately looked over at Empress Dowager Zhou.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s face was completely calm, “What if she is, what if she isn’t?”

That Xie Cheng Xiang loudly said, “I heard that the empress was personally picked by the emperor by the Empress Dowager, how did it suddenly become the Ding Yuan Princess?  The Ding Yuan Princess is clearly the emperor’s junior, how could she become a country’s empress? The empress the emperor is marrying is actually his nephew’s princess, how could it not go against common sense!  This old ministers does not understand this, can the Empress Dowager explain this?”

The ministers all nodded and they called out in agreement.

“Xie Cheng Sheng’s words are right, please reconsider Empress Dowager!”

“The Ding Yuan Princess can’t become the empress no matter what!”

“If the emperor really wants her as the empress, he will definitely be mocked by the people!  You absolutely can’t do this!”

Although Empress Dowager Zhou already expected this, she was still speechless from the questions of the ministers.

Her old face was burning as she couldn’t help looking at Mo Chuan with eyes filled with rage.  She had already urged him not to cause trouble with these people, but he just wouldn’t listen. Now that everything was in chaos, how could they take care of it!

The ministers were all speaking up, all against making Chen Ning the empress. They were all enraged and their words kept getting worse, with most of their words being pointed at Chen Ning.  This made Empress Dowager Zhou’s face turn red and blue, as she was filled with shame.

This serious empress coronation had already become a farce, it couldn’t go on.

Chen Ning slowly stood up in front of everyone’s criticisms, standing straight with her hair flowing down.  She slowly swept over the ministers with eyes that were as clear as water.

She did not show any anger or shame, it was as if these people weren’t shaming her at all.

The ministers met her clear eyes and they all gave a slight shudder.  All kinds of slander like “what kind of woman” or “marrying one after another” could no longer be said.

Although Chen Ning didn’t say a single word, she made everyone feel strange and awkward.

They suddenly remembered, what qualification did they have to criticize her?  Scold her? Shame her?

If it wasn’t for them, how could they as ministers stand here and criticize her like this?

How could the West Chu citizens be as well fed and safe as they were now?

It was her who came forward in West Chu’s most dangerous time.  She won against the East Qin Crown Prince, sacrificing herself and marrying to East Qin.

The things she did for West Chu were far more than what they ever did!

The one qualified to stand there and criticize was not them, but rather her!

Seeing the ministers all close their mouth, Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning with a strange gaze.

She actually used a single look to stop everyone from speaking, this empress was already much more powerful than her as the Empress Dowager.

But Empress Dowager Zhou also knew that these ministers couldn’t be easily taken care of like this.

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