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DKC regular 109, sponsored chapter 110

Chapter 109 was brought to you by mostly TheMuffinMan, June and proofed by Ninja. Chapter 110 is sponsored by her highness Adenike A who made sure you all will not wait for another day on a cliffhanger. Brought to you by trauma_kmart and edited by AyabeWakasa. Never really thought that people read these post so next time when queues nears zero I’ll keep my mouth shut so I can sneak away 👿  With the holidays coming and people getting busy we will release a chapter a day until our queues clears.  If there is a cliffhanger we’ll try to release the chapters together. Anyhow enjoy!!!

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4 Responses to DKC regular 109, sponsored chapter 110

  1. Zeth says:

    Yes we can read…
    Thank you very much gals & guys for your hard work (and sponsorship)!

    • June says:

      I know people read the story 🙂 just didn’t except people to follow the posts! Now I have to be more careful with what I say…

  2. Wei Fish says:

    lol, <3 First comment on this site, read DKC just a couple days ago, love it so far. 🙂 Thanks for the hard work.

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