DKC – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109 – Life and death at stake (2)

“Third senior brother…” The Jade Lake fairy’s footsteps were lithe and graceful, like that of the immortal fairy Ling Bo (1). She floated to Nangong Liuyun’s side.

She stood there with an elegant and graceful posture. Her beautiful calm face had a touch of concern. Her beautiful eyes were clouded like liquid mist. They appeared to silently gaze at Nangong Liuyun with traces of pity.

Nangong Liuyun’s red lips slowly lifted. His deep, glittering eyes were shining like the lively, colorful rays of sunlight, “Luo Luo was found, I’ll go bring her back right now!”

Jade Lake fairy’s hands, which were hidden within her sleeves, clenched into fists. She was barely able to maintain the perfect smile on her face.

He would rather hurt himself and forcefully stop the recovery process to go look for her! He would rather injure his personal bodyguard, who had been with him for more than ten years, in order to go look for her!

“Third senior brother, if that Miss Su knew of your current situation, she would certainly not blame you. It’s better if you remained behind to recuperate from your injuries…..”

However, before the Jade Lake fairy could finish speaking, Nangong Liuyun had brushed her aside and left with staggered large steps. He left her with only these vague words. “Wait for us to come back.”

‘Wait for us to come back’, it was not, ‘wait for me to come back’….

Behind him, the veins of the Jade Lake fairy’s pair of slender hands suddenly burst out, her matchless beautiful face became extremely hideous and distorted, and her eyes shone with a vicious insanity.

Why was that little slut still not dead! She had even been found by the Tigerwolf Regiment!

The otherworldly Jade Lake fairy punched the ten thousand year old ancient tree beside her, and the ancient tree immediately turned into dust!

How in the world did Qi Ning not accomplish such a task! She couldn’t even kill a good-for-nothing who was without a touch of spirit strength! What a piece of trash! They were all useless garbage!

No! She couldn’t let third senior brother find Su Luo before her!

The Jade Lake fairy’s eyes flashed with malicious light. She brandished her long sleeves and flew towards that direction.

Speaking of Nangong Liuyun.

When he saw Su Luo’s silhouette once again, at that instant, he experienced a change like going from heaven to hell.

His Luo girl was really alright! She stood there with her entire body unharmed. At first, he was ecstatic, but almost at the same time, his heart dropped back down into hell again!

This was because from a long distance away, he saw an arrow containing the inexhaustible power of Heaven and Earth tearing through space flying ruthlessly towards Su Luo’s heart!

The arrow approached with the momentum of a torrential rush, extremely accurate and impossible to avoid!

The person who shot the arrow had at least the strength of a fifth rank!

In a split second, Nangong Liuyun’s heart almost leaped out of his throat.

Both of his eyes started to smolder like a red hot flat iron. The temples on both sides of his head violently throbbed. His complexion hazed over with an oppressiveness that was on the fringe of almost devouring people.

He was simply too far away, basically, the water from afar that couldn’t be used to quench the fire!

Fortunately, at the last second, a black-robed killer saw the threat, and without the slightest hesitation, he stood ramrod straight in front of Su Luo to shield her!

Only now did Nangong Liuyun relaxed his breath, but abruptly, he felt the accumulated power of Heaven and Earth coming from that darting arrow.

He had a very bad feeling.

Sure enough, that flying arrow actually went through the black-robed killer’s body, piercing through like hot knife through butter. It then proceeded towards Su Luo’s heart again. What was freakishly strange was that the speed and strength of the arrow was unabated.

Nangong Liuyun’s facial muscles violently fluctuated up and down, there was a frighteningly bleak expression on his face!

Su Luo’s view was blocked by the black-robed man, his back was also very close to her, therefore she did not discover the still approaching arrow. When she found out, it was already too late to evade it.

The arrow darted with extraordinary sharpness, with the sound whistling through the wind, thrusting firmly towards Su Luo’s heart.

However, when it was a handwidth (2) away from Su Luo’s heart, all of a sudden, something unimaginable, and unbelievable occurred, leading to a huge reversal!

Just when everyone was about to witness Su Luo meeting a tragic end——

A huge occurrence took place !!!!



1) Immortal fairy Ling Bo – She was a beautiful fairy that served the Emperor in Heaven from Chinese fables. The story I remember is a tragic love story of her being the water goddess of a lake and falling in love with a mortal, resulting in daffodils being displayed on New Year’s to symbolize this story.

2) Handwidth – The Chinese words were three cun, as mentioned before, one cun equals more than three centimeters. Traditionally, three cun measures the width of all the fingers side-by-side on one hand, so this measurement was used in the translation.

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