DKC – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 – Life and death at stake (3)

A deranged, malicious light flashed within the eyes of the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Everyone could only stare as the puppy covered in pure snow-white fur sitting on Su Luo’s shoulder playing with her finger casually extended a little paw, and actually——

It actually, effortlessly, firmly caught that bizarre changing arrow!

It should be said that this arrow contained the might of Heaven and Earth, its strength was so great that it would pass through a body without losing momentum. Even Su Luo would not be able to avoid it. However, this type of arrow was actually caught by a puppy?!?

Furthermore, he had grabbed it so effortlessly, making it seem as if he casually caught the arrow in passing.

What kind of a situation was this?

Practically everyone present had their eyes wide open in disbelief. They were all dumbstruck, stupidly staring at little Meng Meng without blinking.

Little Meng Meng’s action could be said to have made everyone’s jaw drop!

With a pair of large misty eyes, Meng Meng adorably sat on top of Su Luo’s shoulder. His two little legs were crossed with his two little paws holding the arrow on both ends. LIke eating a stalk of sugar cane – “crunch crunch crunch” bite after bite, he gnawed on the arrow as if it was incredibly delicious.

Momentarily, everyone was stunned and in shock…

That arrow had been made from extracted ancient black iron ore. It was classified as a top-grade weapon, incomparably hard and durable. Ordinary swords were simply incapable of even scratching it.

However, this puppy… he had almost completely gnawed through all of it. Furthermore, he was chewing with such delight, as if it was the most delicious food in the world.

At this point, other than feeling that it was hard to believe what was happening in front of their eyes, the people present could only remain speechless.

What kind of teeth were those? Chewing so hard that “crunch, crunch” sounds resulted? Even just watching this scene made their teeth feel sore on the puppy’s behalf.

It was only at this moment that little Meng Meng noticed that he had become the focus of everyone’s attention. Meng Meng was still holding the half-eaten arrow in his paws and had a mouthful of iron that had yet to be swallowed. With such a ridiculous appearance, he returned everyone’s gaze.

Suddenly, Meng Meng seemed to have come to his senses. He quickly discarded the arrow and very bashfully threw himself into Su Luo’s arms. Meng Meng covered his little face with his two little paws and very shyly tucked himself into her embrace.

Su Luo felt the corner of her mouth twitch as three black lines appeared on her forehead!

She had a strong urge to grab the little guy’s ear and scold him.

Please! Where is your domineering attitude? Why don’t you display some of that legendary dragon race’s autocratic demeanor?

Even though your dragon father changed your outer appearance to that of a puppy, but inside you are still a dragon, ok? Furthermore, in your veins runs the blood of the mighty and awe inspiring divine dragon! How can you give off such a bashful manner? You are destroying the dignity of your dragon race, don’t you think?

Su Luo, with three black lines on her forehead, speechlessly patted the little thing that was squirming around in her embrace.

Why did she suddenly have the feeling that she had become a mother? Would this end well?

While Su Luo and little Meng Meng were having their silent exchange, Nangong Liuyun had already taken large strides to stand in front of Su Luo.

Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun and the corner of her mouth slowly curved up into an ironic smile. Without any hesitation, she turned around and walked away.

However, not allowing Su Luo to take a single step, Nangong Liuyun’s figure flashed and quick as lightning seized her wrist.

His hand was as cold as ice.

Su Luo started to fiercely struggle free.

However, no matter how hard she struggled, Nangong Liuyun’s hold was like an iron clamp, rock-firm and unyielding. She was completely unable to shake it off.

In contrast, Nangong Liuyun only stared attentively at Su Luo. His pearly eyes were as deep and pitch-black as a lake. Centimeter by centimeter, he scanned Su Luo all over, looking at every pore on her body in an extremely careful and serious manner.

Su Luo returned his gaze, looking into those beautiful pupils that were as dark as an abyss containing a very complicated expression in its depths. She didn’t understand his actions, nor did she want to understand.

Suddenly, the cold placid look in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes turned into a tempest, releasing a fierce frosty light. Glaring at her, he furiously said. “Where did you run off to for an entire day and night? Didn’t I tell you not to leave?! Why didn’t you remain at the original place and wait for me?”

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  1. Jaelaun says:

    Am I the only one who almost suffocated laughing with this chapter?

    And how does one respond to NL’s question? Was the demolished building not enough to prove that the area wasn’t a safe place? “Uhh. If I hadn’t left, I’d be dead.” smh

    • June says:

      To quote the translator “bruh, didn’t he see that the entire freaking house in the tree was gone?—trauma_kmart” I would have added did you think it grew legs and walked off?!?!–June

  2. Lolli says:

    -.- you’re in for it now prince…. YOU left her alone in the tre house that got battered by a tornado and the first thing you do is yell at her?! Su Luo asskicking time!!! Thanks for the weekly chapter and sponsored chapter!!!

  3. Lastear says:

    She’s about to introduce him to the sacred art of bitchcraft

  4. Jkcdeo says:

    his brain is turning into mush, isnt it?

  5. Wei Fish says:

    DKC 111 is going to be awesome. Hahaha. Ass whooping of the century is coming.

  6. Busy Bee says:

    Thanks for not giving us a cliff hanger. Unbelievable. Prince is asking why she ran off. SL give me HELL. Love Meng Meng.

  7. Lobo says:

    that shameless bastard
    i so hope she trashes him and tells him about the assassins and the other shit and tells him off
    he doesnt deserve her!
    thanks for the chapters
    but that was the worst cliffhanger in a long time dayum

  8. Arua says:

    Xiao Meng Meng for the win.

    But that Prince, what a damn f* idiot. I want him dead somehow.

  9. Yukino says:

    When I read to the part about his eyes staring at her, I got the urge to stab those eyes for some reason

  10. cyra says:

    Thanks for the chapters
    Baby Meng is once again saving SL from death. Hail little Meng!!
    it’s hilarious
    As for NL, pfft, isn’t he just happy? like hell, she’s going to wait like a sitting duck just because you said so

  11. Manga Hunter says:

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  12. libraryrocker says:

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  13. Piggy says:

    Thanks for the chapter.?

    Is Meng Meng a standard name for little dragons?
    Just asking, ’cause Dio (black haze) is also called Meng Meng. ?

    • Lolli says:

      It might be standard for cute little dragons =D I think June mentioned somewhere that Meng Meng means adorable adorable.

      • June says:

        yep Lolli is correct. Su Luo used the Chinese character adorable x2 as his name the pinyin is Meng. As for dio (which is my sig)…Korean and Chinese have similar sounding words. So may be it crossed over 🙂

  14. RoflCat says:

    Casually grab an arrow that’s meant to be one-shot kill.
    Eat a super hard metal like it’s candy.
    But can’t stand being stared at.


    And Liuyun,
    You have chosen poorly.

    At this point he needs to realize that the more he’s trying to assert his dominance with pride, the less she’ll welcome him.

  15. Lord Smooze says:

    Oh, shit. He did not just say that. She’s going to have a total melt down on him.

    Damn, Meng Meng is just perfect. Just what a baby dragon should be adorable, OP, and stupid.

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      This is what i see coming

      • June says:

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  19. ludagad says:

    I get the feeling Su Luo’s too cool and collected for a meltdown and a shouting match, which I’d like to see… But I just hope the ‘fairy’ doesn’t get away with it, even though I have a feeling she will, somehow.
    Su Luo: “Would you rather have found my corpse?”

  20. Yanagi says:

    SL gets constantly sexually harassed, brought to the middle of a forest filled with dangerous beasts despite her powerlessness, was abandoned while bitch fairy gets rescued, almost gets killed by a dragon and a bunch of bitch fairy minions, and finally was being scolded for apparently not following instructions… SL needs to beat the hell out of NL for dragging her into this mess.And Meng meng can go bite his hand off.

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    She intent to imprisoned him inside her space. Suddenly, Little Meng faced her with misty eyes. Those eyes were the eyes Little Meng used for begging food.
    All of a sudden, a thought flashed in Su Luo’s head. Why not locked Little Meng with Nangong Liuyun, and let him be gnawed by this little divine dragon?

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