DKC chapter 843: What I am reading

Chapter 843 brought to you by Kazeko, June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by readers for visiting everyday with ad blocker off 🙂 Now giving credit to reader/commentators at a time.

I am a little behind on everything because I got hooked on Poison Genius Consort (天才小毒妃)… I was thinking about translating it but volaretranslations beat me to the punch…. They are really good. It’s a time travel story that has a lot of history and political intrigue… I got tired of the Main female character blindly in love with the main male character when there are much better guys around. After 400 chapters I will say the story is awesome… I am waiting for the fight when the female character finds the truth the male character is hiding from her….Otherwise the female main character is an awesome strong person. Now back to reading as my panda eyes gets darker from lack of sleep…

Thank you to the readers below:
Yue li yu

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