DKC – Chapter 843

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Chapter 843 – Diamond Ape King (9)

Luo Haochen couldn’t describe what it felt like. He only knew that he couldn’t even touch the edge of Su Luo’s sleeve.

And at this moment, Su Luo had flipped her body around, and kicked Luo Haochen between his legs!

Luo Haochen dodged this danger, and slammed one palm strike towards Su Luo’s back.

But in front of Su Luo was the bottomless overhanging cliff!

As a result, Su Luo was holding on to Zi Yan, so they both fell down the bottomless cliff together…..

During the fall, Su Luo took out a dagger, directly cutting off the vine that Luo Haochen had attached to the opposite of the cliff.

Would Su Luo fall to her death just like this?

Naturally not.

In her space was the Red Acacia Tree that had just recognized her as its owner. This was a rare opportunity for it to show off.

Therefore, just when Su Luo was falling down, a cyan-colored vine burst out from Su Luo’s sleeve.

The vine was thick and also strong, like a solid iron chain, firmly locking onto the huge boulder on the opposite of the cliff.

Afterwards, Su Luo’s two legs pushed off on the cliff wall, using this force of recoil to launch them towards the other side of the cliff.

Su Luo and Zi Yan shot like a meteor, across to the opposite cliff.

Then what about Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi?

Luo Haochen’s vine got cut off by Su Luo, immediately, he was so furious that his chest was about to explode.

The Diamond Ape King witnessed the two human ants fall off the cliff, and fury burst out from its eyes!

The humankind that he wanted to dry into jerky unexpectedly fell down the cliff?

These humankind in front of it were simply seeking death!

As a result, Diamond Ape King launched a heavy palm strike towards Luo Haochen.

However, who would have thought that the delicate Luo Dieyi was also a wood fire dual elemental mage?

Just when Luo Haochen was about to be smashed to death, Luo Dieyi grabbed onto Luo Haochen and pulled.

With the wind from this heavy palm strike, Luo Dieyi carried Luo Haochen to fly backwards.

Close to the three hundred meters of distance, Luo Dieyi and Luo Haochen skimmed over to the other side.

However, just when they were about to reach their destination, Su Luo and Zi Yan also chased them from the rear.

Compared to Luo Dieyi’s thin green vine, the Red Acacia Tree’s vine was much more solid and thick.

Didn’t know whether the Red Acacia Tree was trying to compete or not, a leaf on its vine shot towards Luo Dieyi’s vine.

It was merely a leaf, how serious could it be? This would be many people’s way of thinking, including Luo Dieyi.

But Luo Haochen’s expression suddenly changed.

He quickly launched his own green vine, as it flew towards the opposite rock wall.

Sure enough, as he expected.

That very small leaf was sharper than a dagger!

It cut through, from top to bottom, Luo Dieyi’s thin green vine, which was immediately cut into two pieces.

“AHHH!!!” Luo Dieyi was so scared that her face became colorless.

Fortunately, Luo Haochen was already prepared.

When Luo Dieyi’s thin green vine was cut apart, his green vine had reached the opposite side, just at that moment.

Therefore, they were able to escape the dangerous situation this time.

After reaching the other cliff.

“Zi Yan, your friend wants to court death!” Up until now, Luo Haochen still didn’t know Su Luo’s name, and Su Luo was too lazy to tell him.

Zi Yan smiled coldly: “Luo Haochen, who was it that kicked us down the cliff? Don’t worry, this time’s matter, I’ve remembered it all.”

Zi Yan pointed to her own forehead.

Luo Haochen was immediately speechless.

At that time, the circumstances were special, it was life and death……

“Humph, offend our Luo family, no matter who you are, you will die for sure!” Luo Dieyi sent an icily arrogantly glance at Su Luo. She looked at Su Luo as if looking at a dead person.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a cold smile.

The her right now wasn’t the newcomer with no one to rely on, that daughter of a concubine from Su Manor. Want to kill her, you should reconsider her backing first.

Su Luo swept a contemptuous glance at Luo Dieyi: “The wounds on Miss Luo’s face seems to be very serious, it won’t disfigure her face, right?”

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