DKC chapter 72

Chapter 72 is here bright and early at 2am in the morning…I don’t hate translating the descriptive words with an extra day to vegetate:) Brought to you by June and Brian. Enjoy and yes a pet squirrel dropped by and left an extra translated chapter that will also be released this week…When? Your guess is as good as mine 😉  Oh, right… Jade Annulus is usually a circular disk made of jade either with a hole in the middle or carved. In stories lovers exchange it to show commitment.

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2 Responses to DKC chapter 72

  1. Sayath says:

    Your Sovereign decrees:
    June, I’m very pleased with your performance. Even your minions are worthy of praise! Take four days of rest from Sayath’s sponsored chapter queue. Then will your minions into action again. Spare none and work them to the bone.

    Twenty out of thirty sponsored chapters fulfilled.

    • June says:

      Oh my lord!?!?! –dropped out of the hammock– ouch! Sorry my lord, I’ll let everyone know vacations has been cancelled. —thinks: Why can’t I get a hold of anyone!!—- Don’t worry my lord we’ll get back on our chapter a day schedule starting Monday. *bows*

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