DKC – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – A pair of Jade Annulus (2)

“Really?” Su Luo lazily smiled.

When had the words, “I like the god-like, noble Prince Jin described by them,” ever come out of her mouth?!?

Boring commoners were always so laughable. Despite the notion that you don’t care about something, others seem to stubbornly insisted that you do. What’s more, at the same time, they tried to deride you for not caring.

“Open your eyes and look closely. That person is the Jade Lake Palace’s young princess. People call her Jade Lake’s fairy. Regardless of whether its innate talent, accomplishments in martial arts, or even family background, none of it is something you a good-for-nothing can compare. You still don’t get it right? In everyone’s eyes those two were made for one another like a pair of Jade Annulus. There won’t exist a even more suited pair then them.”

Liu Ruohua’s eyes were filled to the brim with maliciousness and a mocking disdain that seemed to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster (1). If she couldn’t be with him, then Su Luo, this lump of mud, even more shouldn’t think about it!

“Really?” Su Luo’s expression was indifferent, apparently unconcerned.

She nonchalantly seized up the the immortal fairy not far from her. This was the most suitable companion in the legendary rumor?

They stood facing each other, and it seemed like a painter’s masterpiece of being in love and inseparable in the human world inked on a picture scroll.

Nangong Liuyun’s phoenix eyes were narrowed, his features were picturesque with red alluring lips. A head of fine, jet-black hair poured down in torrents. A faint, flirtatiously fiendish charm exuded from his entire persons, which was currently giving off a very languid air.

Clothed in a dark, mysterious robe traced with hidden patterns of bright embroidery. The hem of his brocade robe was lifted gently by gusts of wind. It was elegantly and gracefully dancing in the breeze like a brightly-colored butterfly.

The Jade Lake fairy’s features were fine and slender like sculpted gems. Her lips were a frosty cherry color and emitted a bright, glossy sheen. Her neck was delicate and graceful. Her skin was like ice that glowed with the luster of gems. Dressed in an snow-white, inviting skirt she gave the appearance of a simple and elegant immortal with a manner that was exceedingly untouched and above the common people.

One individual was handsome and outstandingly talented. The other individual was devastatingly beautiful capable of causing the downfall of a city or state. One was devilish charming and the other rose from the perfection of nature.

Although Liu Ruohua was annoying, but her words were not false. Nangong Liuyun and the Jade Lake fairy were indeed the perfect match like a pair of Jade Annulus made by Heaven and arranged by Earth (2).

Su Luo folded both her arms and narrowed her beautiful eyes slightly. Just in this way, she unconcernedly stood in her original place for a long time, motionless while quietly watching them.

Currently, it seemed as if suddenly Nangong Liuyun just thought of something. He glanced back and beckoned to Su Luo.

However, Su Luo only raised her dainty, slender eyebrows, returning his look with a smile that was not a smile.

What was the meaning of this? Does he think that merely by summoning her with just a wave, that she would just go to him? Was she, Su Luo, in his eyes just so contemptible?

That Jade Lake’s holy maiden laughingly looked over. Her shapely eyebrows resembled crescent moons. The black painted eyebrows against the backdrop of her white powdered face, gave off a gem like luster of someone inseparably in love.

Her shoulder seem to be carved like a sculpture with a naturally balanced waist. Her flesh was glowing like crystalized amber and had a serene presence like that of a secluded orchid. A pair of limpidly bright and intelligent eyes watched Su Luo.

It was so beautiful that it was practically earth-shaking and made people suffocate. It made people feel inferior such that they were unable to bear it, thus lowering their head in terror.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose slightly in welcome and betrayed not a bit of weakness in any regard. A pair of beautiful pure and deep eyes was so clear as to be moving, as if it can see through everything.

Considering her imposing manner, why would Su Luo who walk out from the middle of foul wind and bloody rain (3) for more than ten years be afraid of her?

The two of them silently looked eye to eye.

For a while, the surrounding area was quiet, and the spectacle seemed to hold a little awkwardness.

However just at this time, an unforeseen event was suddenly born!

Suddenly from the depths of the mountain range came an extremely sharp burst of chirping. As this sound pierced through the sky, it resembled gold grinding on stone. To hear it made people’s eardrum sting with extreme pain. A buzzing sound echoed through the area. Their heartbeats throbbed violently with the blood vessels bursting open so energetically that it caused people to almost faint.

At this moment, everyone was shocked. Everyone all looked toward the direction where the sound came from.

In the distance a mysterious force seemed to circulate. The earth and sky radiated with brilliance. All of a sudden a flaming red-colored lightning streaked across the horizon, and the flash quickly passed.

Afterwards, vast stretches of flame soared like a raging blaze emitting resplendent light. It was as if it desired to envelope chunks of the entire sky and burn them fiercely.

“Phoenix! Fire Phoenix!” Nobody knew who pointed to the horizon at the brutal image that quickly flashed by, while excitedly shrieking loudly.

“Dragon! There is also a divine dragon!” Again someone else immediately followed with a excited shout.



1) took joy in calamity and delight in disaster – Chinese idiom for to rejoice in other people’s misfortune / Schadenfreude.

2) made by Heaven and arranged by Earth – Chinese idiom for of an ideal/perfect match made in heaven or to be made for one another.

3) foul wind and bloody rain – Chinese idiom for reign of terror or carnage.

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