DKC chapter 71

Chapter 71 is the first regular release of this week sent out early for the reasons below. Next chapter will be released Wednesday. Still…..this chapter brought me to the brink and I almost gouged my eyes out from all the descriptive words that needed translating. So I asked Brian to vent on my behalf.

“Holy crap this author is such a metawhore ._. Translating this chapter has drained me of any desire to think about a women in relation to any object of nature or fantasy… ESPECIALLY FAIRIES omfg. I’m gonna be seeing motherfking tinkerbells in my sleep for a good week as;ldkjfas; ldkfjas;ldkfjas;dlfkjasd;asdf;alsdkja;”

Ahem* June was too tired/sick to write the intro note, so I suppose that responsibility now falls to me. Translated by June and complained about/edited by Brian

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6 Responses to DKC chapter 71

  1. Midori says:

    Thanksa lot—-,
    Surely all of you realised, right, that the author really likes describing beautiful people…lolol!

  2. SB01 says:

    Thank you for all the hard work! Truly, thank you. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see how great this novel is without your efforts.

  3. Arkeus says:

    This is your punishment for being snarky when I mentioned the unlimited adjective work, June 🙂

    • June says:

      I don’t mind reading it, since it gives more flavor to the story….But translating it is a pain….it’s like an endless sentence that doesn’t make sense nor has a subject. Should be more exciting and short chapters coming up 🙂

  4. Asu says:

    The descriptions are all so girly. Even the description of NL sometimes sound more pretty boy than man XD

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