DKC – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 – A pair of Jade Annulus (1)

Around a dozen or so maidens with lily-white hands like the long and delicate lotus roots were holding baskets full of blooming flowers. They were divided into two rows and were quickly treading towards them in the air.

A rush of wind, like the clear sound of moving water, brushed by. Swathes of captivating red cherry blossoms, floated down like a snowfall being carried by a breeze. Fluttering about and sprinkling behind sparkling and translucent snow-like petals. This scene was exceptionally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Everyone of them was clothed in a white silken dress, with straight and proper postures. Although their individual features were by no means considered beautiful: each and everyone of them was slender, simple, and neat. Too elegant and exquisite to be from this earth; their entire bodies seemed not to have been touched even a little by the vulgarness of the mortal world. They seemed like immortal beings flying by in a realm high above the common populace.

Their ten fingers were slender, their waists were slim, and their footsteps were lithe and lively like an approaching wave of ageless fairies. They also looked like elfin spirits who just started to dance so beautifully that they could mesmerize one to the point of not being able to turn away.

In their midst, there was a flowery litter so refined and lavish that it would stifle people into silence. It was carried by four maidens in a nimble and lively manner.

In almost no time, this flowery litter gently landed. It steadily and securely halted in front of Nangong Liuyun.

Such a grand show gave off an imposing loftiness that was the mark of high status. Who knew which divine place was the person in the flowery litter from? Su Luo’s heart was secretly curious.

She lifted her eyebrows and looked at Nangong Liuyun. She saw the corner of his mouth at this moment started to raise slightly. Inside that smile contained a gorgeous resplendent brilliance, as if the corner of his eyes and the tip of his eyebrows were both carrying a smiling expression.

Su Luo could say with certainty that this person was Nangong Liuyun’s old acquaintance. Moreover he was very happy to see this person.

Su Luo’s eyes faintly narrowed, but her face remained calm and collected. As time passed in her heart, she became even more interested in the person in the flowery litter.

The flowery litter halted and was lowered. A slender, fair hand lifted itself to part the hanging curtain of green jade beads that surrounded the litter.

From the interior, a fairy-like girl in the prime of her youth unhurriedly strolled out.

One could only see her body, clothed in white that was as pure and holy as snow. Her dress stood against the wind with the skirt flying naturally like a winter snow fairy that drifted above the mundane world of man. Also there were splendid lights that radiated from her; its brilliance could blind someone.

Her long hair dangled down to her ankles. The fine black hair danced carelessly along with the breeze, similar to an immortal fairy on the verge of leaving with the wind. She rode the wind evanescently, like a dying firework slowly fading into nothingness..

Her eyelashes were just like butterfly wings, sweeping up and down while painted in a thick and rich black color. Her eyes resemble misty water droplets and maintained an unmatched grace and peacefulness. Her neck was delicate and graceful, her skin like crystalized amber with ice colored flesh and bones formed from jade.

This was a woman at the pinnacle of feminine beauty, as if she was a beautiful spirit emerging from an orchid hidden away in an empty valley. It was as if thousands of living things collected their best features and integrated into her entire body: in an attempt to shame the people in front of her, into feeling the helpless nature of their inferiority.

Currently, she stood filling the surrounding with her presence. Her lips were like a puckered red cinnabar, with a simple and neat complexion that displayed such a rare beauty. As she silently watched Nangong Liuyun, she seemed to be holding in a thread of light laughter.

Her eyes seemed to be apathetic and alienating, but they were also covered in a layer of watery mist. Behind the watery mist was an expression full of tender-hearted feelings.

Nangong Liuyun’s always chilly and cruel icy eyes appeared to have become like a thin seam that cracked open. His beautiful eyes were pitch-black as ink and serene. With its hidden depth that held his source of demonic charm, his smile widened with an overflowing exuberance.

He treated her very familiarly and also seemed to hold her very close and dear; completely different from the approach he used on Su Luo.

“Why did you come?” Nangong Liuyun’s snowy eyes appeared to show a slight concern.

“Didn’t you also come?” Her smile was very pretty. Her butterfly wing like eyelashes gently blinked, sweeping up and down. Her beautiful eyes were hazy like watery mist, I could still see the pity.

The two of them laughed and spoke quietly as if in their own world and other people were just superfluous.

Liu Ruohua stood by Su Luo’s side, now the sneer on her face was very much oblivious. She attempted to cruelly taunt Su Luo. “You really think that his highness Prince Jin will like you? Did you not examine whether you match up to him.”

Su Luo’s dark black eyes under the sunlight illuminated a clear reflection of cold, gorgeous color and luster. She threw a quick glance at her with a smile that was not a smiling expression. “The result of meddling in other people’s business wouldn’t be very wonderful.”

While speaking, her line of sight landed on Liu Ruohua’s right hand that was cut off at the wrist and wrapped up in gauze.

The depth of Liu Ruohua’s eyes was full of a vicious hatred. But soon, she gave a cold and dark laugh. “Don’t you see? The two of them are a true match, made by Heaven and arranged on Earth (1). You…are merely the mud under the soles of his feet! Not even worthy to lift his highness Prince Jin’s shoes!”


1) made by Heaven and arranged by Earth- Chinese idiom meaning: ideal and perfect match made in heaven or made for one another.

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