DKC chapter 68…celebrating another 10 chapters

Today we would like to use chapter 68 to thank the people that sponsored the last 10 chapters…Overlord Sayath (9) and Her Ladyship Hipployta (1). Two more sponsored chapters to go. Next week’s regular chapters will be released Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that will give me time to catch up with the latest 300 chapters of DKC raws online. Brought to you by June and Brian…  Enjoy:)

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2 Responses to DKC chapter 68…celebrating another 10 chapters

  1. Arkeus says:

    300 chapters late? Oh, you have fun stuff incoming.

  2. June says:

    yep… I like reading it in one go…So having so many chapters to go through saves me from screaming at the computer during a cliff-hanger 🙂

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