DKC chapter 66 and a translator note

Hi all Chapter 66 is the final regular release for this week. Tomorrow onward to the sponsored chapters. So happy I found a green mermaid coffee chain with free internet to post this 🙂  I would like to note that since I have taken over…due to lack of coffee and forgetting to inform our new editor Brian I have been translating the levels as ranks instead of step. I apologize for the confusion and since I am too lazy to go back to search for it to change, I’m going to keep using rank instead of step. Thanks for understanding. Brought to you by Persse, Brian and June…yes I see you TheMuffinMan dropping by.

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3 Responses to DKC chapter 66 and a translator note

  1. lasiefo says:

    just wanted to mention alyschu i appreciate you translating this story too
    its a funny and interesting story so far
    so thank you for the translations

    • alyschu says:

      Aw thanks! The wonderful people you see mentioned up there are the true heroes though, since they’re the ones continuing the series so I can make more time for ATG 🙂

    • June says:

      Until we can steal back alyschu from the ATG project…I found a cute stuffed bunny as her stand-in/mascot ^_~

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