DKC – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – Sunset Mountain Range (3)

That was the place where Liu Ruohua’s team was standing.

But why?

Could it be that the Wild Serpent knew that Liu Ruohua had a very black heart? But when discussing black hearts, whose could be more sinister than Nangong Liuyun’s?

Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were as clear, bright and dazzling as cut diamonds. Their appearance was extremely good at hypnotizing people’s wills with an unusually violent, ruthless, and tyrannical power. He patted Su Luo’s head, and a sly nefarious smile smile started to form from the depth of his eyes. “Obediently watch the play. It will be absolutely marvelous, and this king guarantees that

Satisfied? Really? Then I must watch carefully. Su Luo crossed both of her arms over her chest. Calmly and at ease, she leaned on one side of Nangong Liuyun’s body with a pondering smile in her eyes.

When Liu Ruohua and her team saw the Wild Serpent, an expression of wild ecstasy flashed across their eyes!

The reason they had come to Sunset Mountain Range had been to collect items, and one of their tasks was the acquisition of a Wild Serpent’s monster core core.

Consequently, before they had entered Sunset Mountain Range, they spent a large sum of money to buy some Crimson Hearted Flower. Nothing was better than the Crimson Hearted Flowers to attract Wild Serpents.

What they don’t know was that this was the reason why Nangong Liuyun had allowed them to continuously followed him.

Because Nangong Liuyun knew that if only relying on his own luck, he may not have good enough luck to bump into a Wild Serpent. But since Liu Ruohua’s group brought with them the Crimson Hearted Flowers, the chances that they would encounter one were near definite.

Wild Serpent’s inner core could neutralize hundreds of poisons, especially the miasma in the air around the forest. Therefore Nangong Liuyun must prepare this item for Su Luo.

Liu Ruohua’s team had a total of six people: two women and four men. Their cultivations levels was around the second to third ranks.

The six of them together attacked the Wild Serpent.

In a matter of moments, water arrows, fireballs, wind blades…countless attacks were concentrated on the Wild Serpent’s body.

The Wild Serpent spit out its venom, and a dense, dark-green fog saturated the air in all directions. These bursts of loathsome noxious gas spread towards them.

Its speed wasn’t really that fast, but its face appeared to emit a malevolent smile, giving off a calm and composed serpent’s hiss.

Both sides’ strength were seemingly comparable . Thus, they fought each other for a long time without success. No one side could prevail over the other, so for the moment, it was extremely difficult to determine the victors and the defeated.

Suddenly under the sunlight, the flowery crown of top of the Wild Serpent started to shine and flicker. The multi-colored rays of light it seemed to flash, were as bright as the moon and would bring anyone an absolutely horrifying feeling of alarm and panic.

“Not good,” loudly shouted Liu Weiming with an ashen face. “This Wild Serpent is about to have a breakthrough. Everyone, quickly increase your efforts to kill it. We can’t wait until it have advanced to the fifth rank, otherwise the only road left for us is death!”

The Wild Serpent was very vengeful, so if you attacked it and didn’t kill it, it would always give chase after you until it had finally killed you.

When comparing the strength of a fifth ranked versus a fourth ranked Wild Serpent, the difference was like heaven and earth, a distance that was just too huge.

A fourth ranked Wild Serpent they could still fight. However, once the fifth rank was reached, they would only be tyrannized.

But, his discovery was a step too late.

The entire body of the Wild Serpent was shrouded by golden rays of light, and the dark-green fog continued to fill the air in all directions. Once again, a loathsome stench of poison floated around the forest in disarray.

In an instant, the flowery crown on its head seemed to transform into a jade horn.

The jade horn was exceptionally dazzling, and, under the sunlight, it glistened so much that it lit up its surroundings. It existed as a continuous flow of brilliance like an infinite number of lightning strikes .

“Heavens! This Wild Serpent actually knows lightning magic!” Liu Weiming face became pale. He felt like he was about to go mad.

The lightning system’s attack and firepower was the strongest among all the elements, and it was also very rare. Also among magical beasts the cultivation of the lightning element was even more rare. Who would have known? One of their tasked items would be a freak of nature of such an extent!

“Hiss….Hisssssss——.” The jade horn on the Wild Serpent’s head flashed with brilliant rays of light with traces of thunder and lightning.

Liu Weiming shouted loudly, “Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

However, it was already too late.

They could only watch as the jade horn on the head of the Wild Serpent’s strong firepower, pointed at its target and instantly struck home.

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