DKC – Chapter 64 and a request from us

Our regular weekly release of DKC chapter 64 is here. Brought to you by TheMuffinMan, Persse, Brian and June. Persse is reediting and putting together the first 50 chapters of DKC in pdf format. We are looking for cover art for the project. Here is her recruitment message: Feel free to email suggestions and fan art to [email protected].

Hello fellow readers:
Here is a little announcement, we will do a PDF for the first volume of DKC!! Yep, Yep WE are GREAT we know!! \(>°<)/ But to do so we need a great cover… And we could have found it ourself (yes, yes I have a lot of wind between my ear :p) but it would not be fun!! So we wanted to know what you the fan and reader thinks of it. With your help we want to found a good cover for the first Book. Or if some have fan art based on the novel and it’s good we will add it at the end of the book to do a little gallery of work done by fans…
So who will find the best of the best cover?? What will you gain from it besides credit for your work? Well… A big kiss from all the girls of the team!! :p Even Brian will kiss you mwahahahahah… hum… hum… Again send it to: [email protected].

—-Thanks from Persse! ^^  //// I hope I speak for the rest of our non French members in the DKC team, we gave our thanks and runs away from all the kissing ^_~ (June)

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2 Responses to DKC – Chapter 64 and a request from us

  1. Midori says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Hm…cover art…as in…find an existing image? Cintributing fan art might be interesting…to contribute or not to contribute, that is the question—-ahaha…!

  2. eameralda says:

    me gusta, los felicito.

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