DKC – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – Sunset Mountain Range (1)

The Sunset Mountain Range was extremely vast, with mountains that extend forever into the distance. Ancient trees reaching high into the sky, and all kinds of rare birds, animals and exotic beasts; that, at any given time, were being born or dying.

The mountain ranges covered an area the size of a province. Close to the deepest part of the mountains near its center, there were also countless varieties of precious and rare medicinal herbs.

All magical beast were aware of their territories. The more powerful a magical beast was, the closer their lair and territory would be to the center of the mountain ranges. Thus, very few people could get close to the center. Because this went on for tens of thousands of years, it allowed the numerous rare and precious medicinal herbs to accumulate.

Nangong Liuyun was guiding Su Luo into the forest through a winding path on the east side.

“How much longer will it take before we get to see an Armored Back Dragon?” Several fine locks of hair on Su Luo’s forehead were curved slightly, emphasizing a pair of large, vividly fresh eyes that were as sparkling and translucent as jade. They gave off an indescribable feeling that was both touching and full of life.

Two days had already passed since they arrived in the mountains. But in these two days the only magical beasts that they encountered were weak ones. If it hadn’t been rabbit types then it had been deer types. This means they were still circling around the outer periphery of the forest.

“The Armored Back Dragon is near the center of the forest. It will take another three or four days to get there.” Nangong Liuyun lovinging rubbed her head. His pair of beautiful eyes hid a touch of tenderness. Then he was asking, “What’s wrong? Are you tired now?”

He was dressed in a large, white embroidered robe. The Chinese-styled robe was simple and elegant imprinted with patterns of obscure crescent moons. That tempting flowing robe set off his body as an invitation to the pearls among the womanly flowers. He was enticingly charming to all things living.

Being so close to him, Su Luo could smell the light fragrance of the jasper flower on his body. A kind of gentle flavor that held the summer heat. It was an extremely nice scent.

“It’s not that,” Su Luo somewhat regretfully pointed to the medicinal herbs around them. “Look, hundred year-old Lingzhi mushrooms and hundred year-old Ginseng are everywhere, but we can’t take any of them along. It’s such a waste. If only my space was opened, then I could definitely take all of these precious medicinal herbs.”

“The effectiveness of these herbs is just too low.“ Nangong Liuyun shooked his head, with a disdainful expression and then said. “Wait until we enter the center of the forest, then you will understand. At that time, this king guarantees that you can collect to your heart’s content.”

“Oh, by the way, the group of people that have been constantly following behind us: It won’t be a problem, right?” Su Luo’s beautiful eyes roamed around and the corner of her mouth lifted into a decidedly cold arc. It resembled a dazzling fireworks that had faded into something faintly discernible, and then to nothingness.

Two days ago, after Nangong Liuyun saved Liu Ruohua. In response, that small group followed tightly behind them as they entered into the Sunset Mountain Range.

However, they followed neither near nor far behind. They also did not come forth to greet them*.

Su Luo’s eyes flashed with a trace of suspicion.

She still had no idea what Nangong Liuyun was thinking. Why would he unexpectedly acquiescence to having them following behind? Even though, they did left a distance of about one hundred meters in between them.

But according to Nangong Liuyun’s previous disposition, shouldn’t he have already, with a bored expression, driven those people away?

“Even though they are waste of lives, they also may have their uses. Therefore it’s best to make the most use out of them while we can, so as not to randomly squander such an opportunity for exploitation.” This was Nangong Liuyun’s response.

This response only served to make Su Luo even more confused.

He enjoyed the view of this girl’s beautiful eyes wandering around like rushing water in front of his eyes. After much thought, her expression remained ever perplexed. Nangong Liuyun felt that this expression was really cute.

Nangong Liuyun gave a mysterious smile, as he touched her head fawningly, “You’ll find out very soon.”

His tone of voice was gentle,indolent, and quite nice to hear.

In the forest, ancient trees reached high into the sky, surrounded by verdant and lush vegetation. The area of this ancient, primordial forest was a sight to behold.

From far away, you could hear the deafening sounds of magical beasts roaring through the tress.

The cause of Su Luo’s befuddlement, was that Nangong Liuyun did not walk in a straight line toward the center of the forest. Rather he kept strolling around in twisty circles, as if he was looking for something.

“Are you afraid?” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of eyes shone like the sunlight, reflecting off a bright luster as clean as the clearest pond. It was as if some glorious stones had gathered together all the brilliance while simultaneously carrying a hint of gentleness and warmth.

Even though Su Luo had an astonishing amount of talent, at this moment, she was nothing more than an ordinary person that had zero spiritual strength. In the midst of this primordial forest, where magical beasts run amuck, who knew what things one could encounter.


*them* – refers to Su Luo’s group

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