DKC chapter 1090: Future Release Announcement

Chapter 1090 brought to you by Hikikomori June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by readers for visiting everyday with ad blocker off.

Everyone may have heard about the Qidan dispute with Wuxaworld. DKC is owned by the sister site of Qidan and I have been told that I may have a year or so before they may ask us to take DKC down. I want to reach chapter 1861 (a good stopping point) as fast as possible. With readership lower in the summer I have been doing gift chapters so we release a chapter everyday. We haven’t had sponsored chapters in a while, if you can please donate. I’m also working on another novel…will be posted once Alyschu gets back stateside. Meanwhile I will do a DKC gift chapter for every chapter I translate of the new novel…To be honest the new novel is kicking my butt (much longer with more complicated language).

Thank you to the readers below:
cesar castro

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17 Responses to DKC chapter 1090: Future Release Announcement

  1. sheraphinphin says:

    then… we can’t read DKC after it reach chap 1861… huuhuuhuu…. so sad…

    • June says:

      It depends on the Qidan situation…. so don’t know if we will reach 1861.

      • sheraphinphin says:

        uh btw thank you for th chaps… I just start read DKC last week and the story quite interresting… well,,,, 1000 chaps within a week… my new record….. Ur TRANSLATION IS GOOD…. 😊😊😊

  2. Luna3383 says:

    No way….

  3. luba says:

    Dear June,
    I am sorry to inform you but I have started to use adblock exclusively for this site. The Adds were so aggressive (they always redirected me to their site) that reading became impossible.
    Nonetheless thank you for your hard work!

    • June says:

      No Problem.. I stopp using google. I had to use firefox to read the chapters of other books on this site.

  4. Ice says:

    T.T i hope it reaches to when SL and NL marries

    • Perfectly Simple says:

      I don’t think they do in the first half. I don’t remember. They might have at the end but I’m very unsure. Either way the first half is summarized if you want to read ahead just in case.

    • June says:

      SL and NL marries around chapter 3000 in the first book.

  5. Imel says:

    And another favorite novel entering hiatus list…
    Qidian thinks I will go to their site, absolutely no way!

  6. AMBer says:

    Would they ask you to take it down or partner with them to keep translating it on their site?

    • June says:

      They may contact us to partner… but the conditions may not be what MBC want (like the conditions to WXW)… so if that falls through we’ll have to take DKC down

  7. Kait says:

    Does that mean ur gonna take the already finished ch off the site or ur jus gonna stop translating

    • June says:

      I’m not sure… I assume both?

      • Som says:

        Generally both. Of course, you realize your own copy of any translation you’ve done is still your own work, and not theirs. They may not legally use your work without compensation of some sort (practically everywhere), so they’ll have to get someone to start all over. Meanwhile, you’re sitting on an academic stockpile.
        Even if Cervantes was alive and still holding copyright, he couldn’t get any traction suing me for translating Don Quixote for school or personal edification. Since his copyright is up (what with him being long dead and all) I can go around publishing my translation in any form I like. That’s what happens when the copyright falls off…

      • Kait says:

        When will you drop this, cuz im gonna have to binge read lol =] Thx June for the speedy response.

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