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DKC CHAPTER 100…We’re finally here

Chapter 100, even the number looks awesome. Brought to you by AyabeWakasa and June. I want to take this chapter to thank all the readers and sponsors. Readers thank you for your constant encouragements, funny and insightful comments. It kept me going whenever I want to throw in the towel. Sponsors than you for providing me with the much needed caffeine and snacks to pull off the translation. The pressure to zero the queues also pushed me and now my team to translate and edit faster. I’m pretty sure the readers want to thank you for your donations.

Most of all I’d like to thank my staff, for putting up with my pushiness, and painful lack of grammar skills that probably drive my editors crazy. Thank you Persse, Brian, AyabeWakasa, ninja proofreader, my wonderful patient editing staff. Thank you Neverim, trauma_kmart (who will be introduced next) for providing me with amazingly fast and accurate translations. Yes I did not forget you alyschu, come back to us 🙂

Personally I am very proud of the fact that we reached 100 in 3 month time since chapter 11. Let us all eat cake and celebrate!!!!

P.S. In celebration the next three chapters will be released at midnight USA eastern time zone ( 13 hours away).

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  1. dezzter says:

    101 looks better, it’s so awesome that 101 is 101 backwards and you never even noticed. Trippy right?

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