DKC – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 – In enemy hands (1)

Moreover, Su Luo’s space wasn’t small either!

Although Apothecaries are rare, weighed against the almost extinct space mages, how could they even compare?

If the matter of a space mage appearing was to spread, in all likelihood, wouldn’t the entire continent be stirred up by this?

Unbelievable! Er Huang really couldn’t have imagined it. This vile girl was actually a space mage. Originally, she wanted to kill Su Luo but now she couldn’t. She believed that the Young Mistress would be overjoyed to give this slut to the Venerable Master as an offering. After they had placed Su Luo’s mind under their control, she could only helplessly throw her life away in service to the Jade Lake Palace!

The more Er Huang thought about it, the more she gleeful she became. Her smile had a sinister measuring look as she step by step walked towards Su Luo. Her hand swung the long sword, aiming its sharp tip straight at Su Luo. “Little slut, let’s see where you can run to now.”

Su Luo’s thoughts were indeed currently suppressed to the point that she felt she was about to die.

During the five thousand kilometer Long March (1), she had overcome so much and walked so long (2). Just when she saw the end of the road, at this final juncture, she was intercepted by the enemy forces.

This was truly the story of the praying mantis stalking the cicada, unaware of the Black-Naped Oriole bird behind. Moreover, she was the unfortunate hateful praying mantis.

Nangong Liuyun had exhorted and warned Su Luo a great number of times before to be cautious and prudent. She must not let the matter of her being a space mage be revealed. Otherwise, her life would be in constant danger.

Now, Su Luo’s greatest hidden trump card had been discovered by the Jade Lake fairy’s maid…if this was to leak out….

Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly. A homicidal determination to obliterate all evidence of her unwitting disclosure appeared in Su Luo’s heart.

However, her expression remained calm and collected. Icy rays from the depths of Su Luo’s eyes shot a quick glance at Er Huang. “What if I don’t go with you?”

“Do you really think you have the leeway to choose?” Er Huang condescendingly said while casting disparaging glances at Su Luo.

Er Huang’s current situation was like the Venerable Queen up high while Su Luo was merely a ant that she could easily trample on. Su Luo was just a lowly ant that completely lacked the strength to fight back.

But, when Er Huang’s vision landed on Nen Lu’s body that was on the ground with eyes full of unresolved resentment staring sightlessly in death, a trace of shock passed through her eyes.

Nen Lu had actually been killed?

She and Nen Lu had grown up together. They had practiced martial arts together, so Er Huang was very familiar with Nen Lu’s martial arts abilities and knew it was on par with hers. Never in a million years could she have imagined that Nen Lu would die under the hands of the good-for-nothing Su Luo.

Nen Lu really had died with unresolved grievances.

“Looks like I really underestimated you, slut.” Er Huang cast sidelong glances at Su Luo, gnashing her teeth as her rage burst forth.

Er Huang was itching to finish off Su Luo with one sword strike. Regrettably, she could not kill Su Luo now. Su Luo was this continent’s almost extinct space mage. Furthermore, she was also a space mage that did not have any power to protect herself.

Er Huang secretly speculated that if she was to take Su Luo to an auction house and sell her, on the basis of this little slut’s innate gift and appearance, shouldn’t she be able to sell for an unpresented sky-high price?

It would indeed be a fortune that could tempt a person’s heart.

Su Luo examined Er Huang’s constantly changing sinister expressions and also turned her head to look at the corpse of the fallen Nen Lu. A bitter look appeared in Su Luo’s eyes.

Her secret having been discovered was disastrous. Due to this, Er Huang would certainly increase her vigilance. Su Luo’s small tricks from before could not be used again.

With a bitter smile on her face, Su Luo raised both of her hands in surrender. Er Huang had learned a lesson from Nen Lu’s mistake and as a result had become very cautious.

Er Huang took out a dark red blood-colored rope and tied both of Su Luo’s hands behind her back. Er Huang had bound Su Luo so tightly that the joint looked seamless.

“Behave. Don’t even think about escaping!” Er Huang warned with a stern voice.

Su Luo only made a slight movement. When Er Huang’s icy-cold long sword sliced at her neck, a thin thread of blood slowly seeped out of the cut.

Su Luo knew that if she resisted, on account of having killed two of the opponent’s sister-in-arms, Er Huang would probably without a second thought either break or cut off her arms and legs.



1) Five thousand kilometer Long March written in Chinese was ten thousand Li (2 Li = 1 kilometer) – This is a reference to the historical one made by the eventual communist leader Ma Zedong in October of 1934. Before World War II, China had a civil war/internal struggle for power between the Chinese National Party led by Chiang Kai-Shek and the Chinese Red Army of the Communist Party. Chiang Kai-Shek was about to eliminate the red army at Jiang Xi when Ma Zedong and Zhou Enlai led the long march to escape the encirclement. The march was a bitter one that lasted a year with only 10% of the original troops surviving till the end.

2) The Chinese characters stated twenty five thousand Li = 125,000 kilometers; I took the figurative meaning here because the Long March was only 9000 kilometers.

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