Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Volume 7, Chapter 1: I Became a Saint Again, Part 1, Part 1


“Wait a minute, you didn’t summon us!”

“What do you mean by that, who are they then!?”

“These people are suspicious, move away from them, your highness!”

“Shut up, you! Oy, Princess, tell us your story.”

“All of you be quiet! Or rather, well, who are you all?”


Everyone other than us started making a racket due to the confusion of the knight and the four summoned people. Bianca, the princess of this country was pointing straight at me.

It’s rather rude of someone who calls themselves royalty to point like that

… As I thought, this isn’t going to work. It’s just too much.

On our way towards this world, we saw that these four people were summoned perfectly, so we joined in after them, and before we knew it, a ‘school play’ kind of event had started in front of us, so I just had to join in.

So, I did♪

That whole [Summoned into a Different World] thing… Although it’s the first time I’ve seen it, it’s really quite emotional when seeing it in person. When I was in the demon world, I was often thinking of what to do when I was summoned by humans, but it seems like summoning humans is quite interesting as well.


To make a long story short, we came into this world through [Seaweed], but before that, let’s recap the events from the null-space to now.


And so, we enter a flashback…


“You, golden girl! Why are you ignoring me!?”




“Yurushia-sama, here it is.”

Having closed the rift in space and stabilized Geas and Onzada-kun as new [Devils], we started moving.

… Well, before that, I first shook hands with 400 greater demons, so the departure was delayed by two hours. Why did that need to happen?

Anyways, after that they all went back to [Lost Eden]; do they just live there all the time…?

For the time being, I’m aiming for the home town of Yuuki-kun, the former “Hero from Another World,” the world [Tess].

Even though I didn’t know the location well, I don’t need to worry about getting lost, because it seems like Fanny has a high navigation ability.


That world, [Tess], is the sort of world we wouldn’t normally go to.

My goal is to return to the world where Father and Mother are waiting, so I don’t want to stop off, but before that can happen, I don’t actually know where the world of the Holy Kingdom is.

Speaking of…

“Hey, Rinne… what’s the name of the world that we were at just before?”

“[That world? It’s a relatively new world, it was called “Atora” by the Demons]”

“… Hmm? We’re not demons from Atora?”

Since I didn’t quite understand, I asked for help, and Rinne sighed softly before replying.

“[Your thinking is biased. There’s only one Demon World]”

“Eh… Hold on a moment. So, if we go back to the Demon World, can we just… go back to Atora at will?”

All of my hardships up to now…

Or so I thought, but it seems like there’s a slight nuance to it.

“[That Earth had no magical power, and passage to the Demon World had been closed, so the section of the Demon World near that world has been abandoned.]”



I didn’t understand at first, but with enough explaining I finally understood.

In short, the size of the [Spirit World] which includes the Demon World is infinite, searching through the Demon World for a specific world would feel like searching for a planet that can support life within the universe.

Since the distance is crossable in the spirit world, it’s possible to go to another world if you work really hard.

Only [Devils] seem to be able to easily cross through worlds using dimensional magic, but I don’t actually know the coordinates…

The six or seven pillars, known as the [Demon Road], in the Demon World mostly regulate the extent of the connection to the worlds around their territories, but if you go far away, some other existence governs things.

It seems like back home, there might have used to really been Demons like in the Old Testament around back then.

Rinne hadn’t ever seen this area, and it seems like the empty space in the Demon World around Atora is as large as the Earth’s surface.


Anyways, that’s why passing through different dimensions is the only quick way to cross between worlds.

I don’t think it should be that different of a feeling from when I was back on Earth, but I did know that it would take thousands of years to find without knowing the location.

One positive is that my Father and Mother gave me my “Name,” so there is a connection to their souls, but I won’t be able to sense it until I get closer to it.


There’s also another couple reasons for us to stop in on [Tess].

First, a place which performs “Isekai” summons may be connected to the world where the Holy Kingdom exists.

Also, although it might be faulty information, there is the reason of figuring out the [Hero’s Inventory]

If I recall, I may be able to analyze it so that we can give it to Noah, who can store things.


The other reason is the [Level System], but that isn’t that juicy of a piece of information for us, since we can just elevate our power from eating souls. Still, I want to investigate that hero ability since I feel sorry for the Greater Demons.


Besides, I promised Yuuki-kun that I would visit his world and do something about the situation there.

Even so…


“Stop getting in the way.”




Tina and Nea commented on my mutterings, as we move a fully loaded car that floated in our way.

Various items from Japan are scattered in the different planes here, which isn’t good. Food can also transport over, but without an atmosphere, the normal groceries had completely shriveled up.

As we moved things out of the way, since there wasn’t any gravity there were often sequential collisions, making fierce clanging sounds.

“… how is there this much stuff here?”

There is just too much debris (garbage) drifting everywhere.

Even though the beast of Tokyo is in there and the space is still warped, shouldn’t there be limits on the amount of junk?

“[Apparently space seems to be open all over in this place. Here.]”

Rinne jumped off of my shoulder towards something drifting nearby, I grab it with my power and float it towards me.

“… A Charm?”

It was an old charm from a famous shrine I had visited.

“[I saw the same thing in a place where humans gathered in the south. Is there something in this area?]”


There is a shrine in the north, but it’s not likely that a Demon from another world would be able to guess that exactly.

Because it’s the charm from a famous shrine, there are a high number of souvenirs taken from it, but on the other hand, there are items not found in Tokyo as well as cars with non-Kanto plates.

“… Just how often has Tess abducted people from Japan…”

All of the garbage around here was the result of being caught up in summons from [Tess].

It seems as though a summoning passage was completed between [Tess] and [Japan], but…


“[Yurushia, have you noticed it?]”

“.. yeah”


There were a lot more corpses that I thought.

Even if they’re successfully summoned to a different world, not everyone can safely come over. You need to have enough life force and strength of soul to withstand crossing through the dimensions.

It’s also possible to summon only the soul, but in that case the original body would die in their dimension.

Based on the number of corpses, though, it seems like this summoning has been carried out without completing the necessary sub-sections, such as examining the suitability of the soul or the magnitude of magical power.

There is a proper method to summon someone…

Humans shouldn’t be summoned unless they are unconscious, and if consent hasn’t been obtained before they are unconscious, they also shouldn’t be summoned.

With just half of the requirements… or maybe less than that…


“Horrible, isn’t it.”

“[… Yeah, it is]”


Human greed is truly amusing… and as a result, we’re absorbing all the souls drifting around the area.

There’s no helping it. The souls which have been torn apart here and scattered around disappear and are absorbed by us as soon as we approach, without any input from us.

It’s not very tasty, but it should be enough to restore our magical power.


“[Truly, you really don’t seem to enjoy this, Yurushia.]”



When I looked towards Rinne, I saw a mountain like profile in the distance beyond the floating debris.

What…? Is it a demon type from another dimension? It definitely looks like a giant slime in appearance, is it coming this way? Ah~ do we have any bait that we haven’t eaten for that?

…Hm? Could it be a situation of it not being able to see us?

We approached the GudaGuda thing.



App’s Notes: Hello folks, boy oh boy was it difficult to find a breaking point in this one, I hope you enjoy the exposition on the horrors of not summoning responsibly!

I’ll see you all next week with the second half (I won’t actually see any comments starting Monday, though, since I’ll be afk for 6 weeks and the posts will just be pre-scheduled)

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