Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Volume 7, Chapter 1: I Became a Saint Again, Part 1, Part 1


“[Yurushia, would you mind if I killed it?]”

“Sure, feel free.”

Since he seems frustrated with his lack of fights lately, I’ll leave it to Rinne this time. To be honest, I’m a bit nervous, but I won’t complain since my attendants seem to be unworried.

Well, it should be fun, at least… I just can’t understand boys sometimes. Since I just finished a hard task, I wouldn’t want to work more.

“[Gao Gau]”

“Geas, do you want to come?”



Apparently, Geas (Teddy Bear) wants to go along. Good luck together than. What do you call a little boy that’s hundreds or thousands of years old…

Are other boys better? As I thought this, I looked over and a certain bunny was gesturing at Rinne and Geas, pointing towards me and making a fist over his heart.

Something like… leave this place to me and fight without worries… huh.

Oh my… how cool, Rabbit-kun.

Strangely, Fanny grabbed up and hugged him full power, but didn’t break him.

On a side note, Noah is the only one who doesn’t prize physical strength.


By the time we arrived at the battle on foot, Rinne had already won.

Since Geas seemed to have become all tattered, I eventually decided to use magic to repair him… huh, my work hasn’t decreased.

Anyways, since all the garbage was blown away by the ‘Other Dimension Demon,’ the road ahead was actually smooth sailing.


“[… *PonPon*]”

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

After walking, or rather not walking, for a while, as far as that term means anything in this dimension, I felt Onzada-kun kick me in my side.

“[… *Rustle*]”

“Over there?”

Geas also doesn’t seem to understand Onzada-kun since he doesn’t use words.

“He said that there are signs of people over there.”


Apparently, Fanny is able to understand the language of stuffed animals. Just why?

“You all, what do you sense?”

All of my attendants have better sensing capabilities than the stuffed animals, they should be able to tell what it is, demon or no.


“Apparently, some humans are being summoned.”

“Yeah, four people, it looks like.”


Yeah, it’s no small thing. Onzada-kun was saved because I stayed here.

Still, it’s amazing how many people are summoned so sloppily. Are they okay…?


“Let’s chase them.”

I don’t feel any obligation to help, but I would be remiss to ignore this.

Besides, we can always come back here for more enjoyment by opening the [Gate] from the other side.


The [Gate] that the humans have made is small, but we should be able all fit through since we’re all small at the moment.


And so, we go off to a new stage… the Isekai, [Tess].



Author’s Notes:

Next time, one of the heroes meets… “That Man”


App’s Notes:

Note for y’all, I won’t be able to respond to anything for the next month and change, so if I don’t respond to your comments, that be why. Everything has been scheduled by now, so it should post like clockwork.

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