Kuro no Maou Chapter 216-217

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Sorry that I got late, but because my hand hurt and I’m in dire financial state that I had not much time to TL. Actually I had thought of completing more chapters by yesterday but for some reason, everytime I go on any google powered website (youtube, drive, gmail etc), on chrome I got “Privacy Error”, currently it just vanished without a trace.
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Chapter 216

Chapter 217

Kuro no Maou Chapter 211

1st release of the day.

Chapter 211

Sorry, that I didn’t post much chapters yesterday, I was in the middle of my journey to beach. Not for playing, but I was going to my uncle’s residence (is near the beach) to live my holiday-month in pleasure. I reached in night. So, at most I was able to TL 1 chapter yesterday. Have fun with the rest 4 chapters coming today~, as for MnD, well I will pull an all-nighter, why? because I will need to be not TL’ing in day tomorrow. Even I want to go out on beach, play in water, and…….oh well leave it. 😛

Kuro no Maou Chapter 210

Did you wait, well if you were waiting how the talk with Kurono and Wil end, then you have play along with author’s sadism!!!! For those saying stuff about that killer appearing out of a sudden is wrong. First remember the date Wrath-Pun appeared and the date Kuro and Wil met. So it only means that that the killer (we know him), came after Kurono and others had fought Wrath-Pun.

Chapter 210

Kuro no Maou Chapter 209

Well, seriously I never though ISSTH would be really good, it was good for me before, but now after reaching Chapter 100, do I finally get its greatness. Maybe it will get better later on too. Oh anyhow, don’t pay heed to my rant and here comes something new that might be the sadistic apparatus of author because Wrath-Pun was too much of a load of crap. 😛 idk, let’s read~~~

Chapter 209