Kuro no Maou Chapter 216-217

Welcome my new editor DW (D woods), there you go with 2 chapters.
Sorry that I got late, but because my hand hurt and I’m in dire financial state that I had not much time to TL. Actually I had thought of completing more chapters by yesterday but for some reason, everytime I go on any google powered website (youtube, drive, gmail etc), on chrome I got “Privacy Error”, currently it just vanished without a trace.
Today, I will talk something important in this rant area: As I have said from before that I have dire financial state and I need money. One reason: My current laptop is already showing signs of breakdown and most probably will be gone in some days. Second reason: I need to pay daily necessities’ bills (electricity, mobile phone, internet, water supply, etc). You see, I’m seriously broke, so if you will help me, I would give as much chapters by the time my laptop is working.

Chapter 216

Chapter 217

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