Kuro no Maou Chapter 211

1st release of the day.

Chapter 211

Sorry, that I didn’t post much chapters yesterday, I was in the middle of my journey to beach. Not for playing, but I was going to my uncle’s residence (is near the beach) to live my holiday-month in pleasure. I reached in night. So, at most I was able to TL 1 chapter yesterday. Have fun with the rest 4 chapters coming today~, as for MnD, well I will pull an all-nighter, why? because I will need to be not TL’ing in day tomorrow. Even I want to go out on beach, play in water, and…….oh well leave it. 😛

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Just some boy from somewhere in this world trying to translate some WN's and LN's. For letting readers have fun and I kill m extra time.....Somehow I am even able to gain money too.

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  1. Kilmer says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

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