Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Spatial Farm

<Spatial Farm program initiated. Connecting to network. Network connection successful. Program is normal. Host discovered. Examining Host condition. Host condition is completely normal. Binding with Host. Your current level is level 1. System reward: 500 gold coins, 6 sacks of farm grass seeds. Every sack can plant up to an acre of land. You now already have a plot of land, area: 10 acres, level 0. You can buy the seeds you need from Shop, and put harvested produce into Shop to exchange into gold coins. Due to network malfunction, you can freely enter the farm and can only link to the server. Unable to link with any Friends. Please display forgiveness for the inconvenience caused.>

Zhao Hai stood there, dumbstruck. He felt like he was dreaming. Everything seemed so surreal.

But he really heard the voice. If it were on Earth, then Zhao Hai would never believe all this. At most, he would think that someone was pulling a prank. But in here it’s different. Since he even experienced traversal, what else would he refuse to believe?

Zhao Hai immediately spoke in his mind, <Enter the farm.>

The moment he finished, he felt his eyes going blur. He looked again, and he was already not in his castle, but an empty ground. This empty ground was very large, around 10 acres, all prepared beforehand. A brand new iron shovel was stuck next to the farm ground, and there was a small spring next to the ground. A bucket was put next to the spring. There was small grass hut, and to the left of it was a grass-made dog house. Below the window of the grass hut were two bottles. One was written ‘Pesticide’ and the other was written ‘Weedicide’. Next to the two bottles, there was a basket, and on the basket was a word ‘Collect’. At the right of the grass hut was an even smaller hut, with a sign ‘Storage’ hung on it. Other than these, the surroundings were foggy, and nothing could be seen. What he could see were the empty ground and grass huts.

Zhao Hai was too familiar with this scene. Other than having no background, this was his most familiar game: Farm Game !

Compared to those other hobos, Zhao Hai liked reading books and writing novels more. Although he could only earn some slight submission fees, he delighted in the work and never played games.

Then his friends introduced him to play Farm Game. This game didn’t need too much of your time, and the controls were simple, so Zhao Hai kept playing it as well. Now his farm level was level 27. Although it wasn’t too high, he opened up all of his lands and unlocked the ranch. He was playing it still.

Those who first started playing Farm Game would know that the system would give you a background for free and a grass hut. Back then the background was the same as what Zhao Hai saw now. The difference was that that Zhao Hai looked at it through a computer, and now he saw it in this space.

Zhao Hai looked at all this blankly. He really didn’t know what to do. Unbearably, he crouched down and grab the soil on the ground.

But just when he grabbed the soil, a sound suddenly rang inside his head, <Space soil, level 1. Already prepared. Can plant crops. Increases maturity time, 10 times. Can be brought out of space for use. Can improve soil outside of space.>

Zhao Hai went blank for an instant, and then delighted. He still knew too little about this space, and now’s perfect. He immediately ran to the spring and touched the spring water. As expected, the notification sound came up again which said, <Space spring water, level 1. Can be drunk. Has human body improvement effects. Can irrigate. Increases crop maturity time, 10 times. Can be brought out of space for use. Can improve soil outside of space.>

Zhao Hai was already smashed by such fortune out of nowhere. His hand was still in the spring, both eyes locked onto the water with silly chuckling out of his lips. He forgot to even retract his hand.

After a while, Zhao Hai stood up and spoke with great laughter, <You thieving heavens! I never thought that you’re so generous, hahaha! Good. Great. This is too good!>

Zhao Hai was very clear that when he came to Ark Continent, he became a person who could never practice any magic or battle aura, and so his life was destined to be mundane, and Adam’s vengeance would never be fulfilled. But things were different when he had this space. Even if he wouldn’t take revenge, he would still be able to let Buda family live on and prosper. It would also be a repayment to Adam.

Zhao Hai calmed down after a long moment. He first ran to the iron shovel. He wanted to see if this shovel was as amazing as it was in the game.

When his hand touched the shovel, the notification sound came again, <Iron shovel. Tool. Level 1. Can open soil automatically. Work time: 10 acres per day. Can be taken out of space for use.>

Zhao Hai laughed again, and then walked next to the water bucket. He touched it, and the notification sound came, <Water bucket. Tool. Level 1. Can irrigate soil automatically. Work time: 10 acres per day. Can be taken out of space for use.>

<Pesticide. Farm agent. Toxic. Level 1. Can kill pests automatically. Do not consume. Can be taken out of space. Dose: infinite.>

<Weedicide. Farm agent. Toxic. Level 1. Can kill weeds automatically. Do not consume. Can be taken out of space. Dose: infinite.>

<Basket. Tool. Level 1. Can collect produce automatically. Work time: 10 acres per day. Can be taken out of space for use. All harvests are automatically put into Storage.>

After comprehending the things outside the hut, Zhao Hai understood that this was similar to the space in the game, yet also not the same. But to him, this was more suitable.

Zhao Hai walked into the grass hut with his heart full of excitement. It wasn’t large, but it had an assortment of things. A wooden bed with dried grass covering it, a table, 4 chairs, a stove, a complete set of dining utensils, and most of all, there was a computer-like object in the bed, but it had only 1 monitor.

Zhao Hai quickly walked to the monitor and noticed that it was lit. There were only 2 icons. One was ‘Shop’, and the other was ‘Farm Overview’.

Zhao Hai quickly opened the Overview. He really wanted to know why he would have such a farm, and what was going on with it.

When Zhao Hai’s hand touched the icon of Farm Overview, it immediately turned into a beam of white light which shot into his head. Zhao Hai’s mind suddenly had a lot of information. He digested all the information after a good while, and also managed to guess how the farm came to be.

Before Zhao Hai came to this world, he was playing with his computer and in the middle of playing Farm Game. But for an unknown reason, he suddenly came here, and the Farm Game came with him. It was possible that in the process of traversal, the farm underwent a mutation and actually maintained the original functions. They were even greatly enhanced. This farm had become its own system, and this system was bound to Zhao Hai.

In other words, Zhao Hai couldn’t use this farm to link with the server on Earth, but he could use any of the farm’s functions, including the Shop. He could use gold coins to buy things in Shop, and also sell his harvests to it. He could bring the things of the farm outside, and could also bring things outside into the farm. Everything was standardized according to his will.

But now the farm was just level 1. A lot of functions could not be used. If it reached higher levels, he could even unlock the ranch and kept on expanding his grounds. As for how much he could expand, there were absolutely no limits. In order to level up the farm, he could re-plant, water crops, or kill bugs and such to get experience to level up slowly. He could also bring things outside related to the space. The space could use these things to keep evolving and level up from it. In other words, Zhao Hai could bring in Ark Continent’s specialties to increase the space’s variety or the quantity of the space’s species in order to level it up. Simply put, Zhao Hai got a heaven-defying cheating tool.

Zhao Hai only thought to laugh 3 times loudly. With this heaven-defying space, getting rich wouldn’t be a difficult matter, and even taking revenge for Adam and Buda family would not be impossible as well. A bold plan was taking shape in Zhao Hai’s mind.

He could use the space’s soil and water to improve the land of Black Wastelands. This way it meant that he had an incomparably large farm. If it developed, then he could amass more workforce, become an economic power, and he would take revenge for Buda family by then…..

Zhao Hai snapped out of it after a good while. He shook his head lightly and taunted himself for thinking too far ahead. His fortune paper didn’t even have a single brush stroke on it, so it was best to understand the situation here first.

While he was thinking of that, Zhao Hai touched on the Shop icon. The notification sound immediately came up, <Welcome to spatial shop. What do you want to buy?>

Zhao Hai looked at the screen, which listed pictures of Earth’s farm products. Below each picture were the price and level. Zhao Hai knew that it must be identical to the game so he didn’t look any further. He closed the shop page and looked around.

Finally, he walked to the shelf. He believed that the shelf wasn’t simply a decoration, but it disappointed him. When he touched it, there were no notifications. He did a double take, opened the shelf and discovered that there were 3 things. A cloth pouch, a short wand whose head was carved like a bug, and a short wand whose head carved like grass. When he saw these, Zhao Hai somewhat knew what they were for.

When he picked up the cloth pouch, the notification came, <Money pouch. Can store gold coins. Infinite amount. Current gold coin count: 500. Due to the level being too low, the gold coins cannot be taken out of space.>

Zhao Hai went still for a bit, and then became delighted. The notification was short, but he understood a lot of things from it. This money pouch was actually something like a spatial pouch, but it seemed to store only gold coins. But this wasn’t Zhao Hai noticed. What he noticed was the latter part, ‘Due to the level being too low, the gold coins cannot be taken out of space.’ Wouldn’t that mean if his level were high, he would be able to bring the gold coins in the space outside to use them? Dear heavens! If that were really to be the case, it would be too good.

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