Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Woke Up

Zhao Hai opened his eyes slowly. He now knew what had happened, Adam’s memories and his own had completely merged together, which also let Zhao Hai truly comprehend that he had really traversed (across worlds), and his soul traversal was also the most common kind; Taking over.

As a homebody, if he didn’t know what ‘traversal’ was, then he could not be counted as a wholesome one. It’s just Zhao Hai really didn’t expect that he himself would be the one to have it happening to him, and he made it into this unlucky sod.

From Adam’s memories, Zhao Hai knew what was going on, but Adam fell into a coma before getting out of the empire. Zhao Hai didn’t know where he was right now, but he already knew that this was not the home that was in Axu Empire, because when he last woke up and saw the surroundings, he knew that it wasn’t Adam’s home which he was familiar with.

Once Zhao Hai opened his eyes, he saw that there was a person next to him. He turned his head and saw that the old man he saw when he first woke up was here. The old man had a serious face, but his eyes were full of concern.

Different from the first time he woke up, Zhao Hai now knew who this old man was. He was none other than Buda family’s old steward, Greene Buda. Greene’s family name wasn’t Buda to begin with, but he was granted the name by Adam’s great grandfather. He always followed the Buda family with deep loyalty, and was the most trustworthy person of the family.

However Adam didn’t get along with Greene well. Before, Adam was a playboy, while Greene was a strict person who always corrected him, told him not to do this and not to do that, so Adam hated Greene very much. But because Greene had a lot of seniority, don’t mention Adam; Even his father wouldn’t dare to be impolite to Greene, so he could only bear it.

Zhao Hai after his rebirth would naturally not be as retarded as Adam in the past. After reading countless traversal stories, having adult thoughts, and whose life was very bumpy, Zhao Hai would naturally be more knowledgeable compared to Adam who was spoiled since little. Of course, he also knew the importance of Greene to him. With an old steward like him, Zhao Hai would surely leave everything to him.

He also knew from Adam’s memories that this old steward had a greater strength than his father. In this world, strength represented the hope of living on.

Long time of hobo life and fantasies, plus Adam’s memories, made Zhao Hai have very little rejection towards traversal. Likewise, he also didn’t have too many anticipations, as it was just a change of living environments. What pissed him off were two things. First was that there were no computers here so he could not browse the internet. Making a hobo not surf the internet is more unbearable to him than killing him. Second was that he was made to drink the Water Of Void. He would never be able to learn battle aura or magics. This ruined his dream of travelling across the world.

Zhao Hai didn’t realize that he was actually equalized by Adam’s memories. He didn’t panic because he felt familiar with everything of Ark Continent. From his displeasures, it could be seen that the first one was because of Zhao Hai from Earth, the second was about Ark Continent.

But Zhao Hai then thought things clearly. Even though he was displeased, there was nothing to say. Since he came here, might as well be here. From here on he was Adam Buda.

Once his thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help himself from letting out a long breath of air, like he relaxed instantly. It was no wonder he could accept Adam’s identity, because in his previous life, he had no relatives at home. Because he kept himself at home too much, he didn’t have a lot of friends, so it could be said that he had no attachments on Earth. Now that he’s here, it’s just a change of environments. No big deal. Having a few more people who cared for him wasn’t anything bad.

Greene now noticed that Zhao Hai had awoken. He hurried to the bed and asked Zhao Hai, “Young master, how do you feel? Any discomforts? Does the head still hurt?”

Zhao Hai hadn’t heard such caring words for a very long time. Now that he heard them, a warmth filled his heart. He felt that his body wasn’t a big deal anymore. He sat up in a hurry and shook his head at Greene, “I’m fine, grandpa Greene. Where are we now?”

Greene obviously went still for an instant. Adam before now wouldn’t be so polite, and now he suddenly spoke in such a fashion? Greene couldn’t get used to that, but he immediately replied, “Young master, we’ve arrived at the fief.”

Zhao Hai took a few seconds before understanding the words. He nodded as asked, “Black Wastelands?”

Greene was surprised by how calm Zhao Hai was, but he still nodded as he replied, “Yes. This is the Black Wastelands.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Where are we now? What’s the situation here? How many people are there? How much land is there?”

In Adam’s memories, the legends about Black Wastelands were just a little. The location here was next to Rotten Corpse Swamp, the soil here couldn’t be used to grow crops, et cetera. He knew nothing else, so Zhao Hai had to ask in this fashion. Whatever the case, he was already Adam now and he had to live in Black Wastelands from this point onwards. He had to know the conditions here.

Greene looked blankly at Adam. If it weren’t for the fact that Adam was always under his eyelids, he would’ve thought that Adam was switched with another person. The Adam before him was definitely not the one he knew.

(Can it really be that hardship builds character?) Greene was confused, but he would not doubt Adam’s identity. He could only treat Adam’s current behaviour as a maturity.

But Zhao Hai’s behaviour made Greene very happy, who then spoke, “Young master, we’re in the main holding of the fief. It’s on top of Black Wastelands’ iron mountain. This iron mountain was abandoned by dwarves and some soil on top of it can be used to plant crops. And please exact my responsibilities, young master, for I arbitrarily decided to sell everything at home to buy large amounts of supplies and 100 slaves. Now we only have more than 100 gold coins, and the people who came here are just me, my wife and my granddaughter. There’s also Blockhead and Rockhead. Other than the 100 slaves, everyone else left.”

Zhao Hai nodded as his brain was processing the current situation. They were now on a barren land, but there’s a main fort here which could be used for living. There’s a mountain that could still grow some things, there were 100 slaves, and there were 5 people he could completely depend on, and were also the closest to him.

Zhao Hai nodded and spoke, “You were very right, grandpa Greene. In this kind of place, money is useless. Only supplies can let us hold out for a while longer. I have nothing right now, so you should go and make arrangements. See how many soil can be used for planting, and what are the things suitable for it. After all, we still need to eat.”

Greene nodded, “Alright. Please rest, young master. I will have Meg attend to you.”

When Greene mentioned Meg, a frail looking green haired and petite girl appeared in Zhao Hai’s mind. It was none other than Greene’s granddaughter.

But soon after that, Zhao Hai made a bitter smile, because Adam intended to molest Meg in the past, but she was a level 6 mage. Her appearance was weak but her heart was strong. Although she wouldn’t do anything to him, if Adam decided to do anything to her, then either she would commit suicide, or she would make Adam unable to do anything to her.

Once he thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but curse in secret. What Adam did in the past must now be atoned by him. In this situation, it would be so awkward to look at Meg, so he immediately responded, “No need, grandpa Greene. I want to rest for a while. Don’t let them disturb me, and just call me when dinner comes.”

Greene bowed down, “Yes. I will now take my leave.” He left Zhao Hai’s room after speaking.

Zhao Hai sighed in his mind and he slowly got down from the bed. Although he recalled that he laid on the bed for a very long time, there was no discomfort. Instead, he felt that he seemed to have limitless energy. He couldn’t help from doing a yawning stretch before walking to a window and pushed it outward lightly to look outside.

Entering his eyes was a small castle style architecture, and he lived at the highest level. He could see everything outside clearly. This was a small western castle. There was a small plaza at the front and outside surrounding walls was an endless looking black land. The soil was like it was as black as poured with oil, giving off a lifeless feeling.

On the plaza of the castle, there were a lot of things piled up. Zhao Hai inspected them. They seemed to be living supplies and such. A crowd of people were busy with them.

These people had males and females, who were wearing a uniform set of rough clothes. The difference was that every male had a brand on his forehead. He couldn’t see it clearly because of the distance, but Zhao Hai knew that it must be Buda family’s brand, which signified that these people were Buda family’s slaves.

He looked to the sides, which had a barren mountain. On top of the mountain were very twisted trees. They didn’t grow well, and every single one of them seemed to have been hit with a serious disease and had no energy. Other than the trees were waste grasses. The grasses weren’t tall, and they also appeared to be malnutritioned.

Returning his sight, he looked at the castle again that was already his. It wasn’t small. Even a few thousand people taking residency wouldn’t be a problem. It just seemed to be a very long time since the last time people lived here. The walls had grown moss and the gaps had grasses. A look of defeat. Looking at the window papers, it’s obvious they were newly pasted. Other rooms didn’t even have window papers.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but make a bitter smile. He clearly recalled from Adam’s memories that in Buda family’s castle in the empire, there were glass windows. Here, they had to use primitive window paper. What a big difference.

But Zhao Hai actually had a sense of pride. Whatever the case, any ground that he could lay his eyes on were his. No matter what others might say, he would not believe that the oily black soil would not grow farm products. He must live like a person and let those who endangered him watch. This would also be a compensation for taking over Adam’s body.

Just then, a sound suddenly rang inside his mind…

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