Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Heaven-defying Cheating Tool

Zhao Hai took a few deep breaths and calmed down his own feelings, then took up the bug shaped wand. The notification sound came, <Pest Dispenser. Level 1. Can release pests which consume crops. Usage times: 50 times per day. Can be taken out of space for use.>

<Weed dispenser. Level 1. Can release weeds which wrestle nutrients with crops. Usage times: 50 times per day. Can be taken out of space for use.>

Zhao Hai giggled and put the two wands back. They were good stuff. Nothing would be better for ruining other people than them.

There was nothing else in the hut. Zhao Hai walked out towards the storage. He knew that the storage must’ve had something else. At the very least, he didn’t discover the farm grass seeds the system rewarded him.

Zhao Hai soon arrived outside the storage. It appeared to be very common; A small grass hut with a small wooden door. It didn’t have anything special.

When he touched the wooden door, Zhao hai heard the notification sound, <Storage. Level 1. Can store items. Types and quantity not limited. State of items stored and taken out remains exact. Can be used from outside of space. Current items: Farm grass seeds, 6 sacks.>

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but think about farm grass seeds. As soon as he thought about them, 6 small sacks appeared in front of him. The sacks had the words ‘Farm Grass Seeds’ written on them.

Zhao Hai looked blankly and then with great joy. He was wondering how to use the storage. He didn’t expect that he could do so with just a thought. This was too good.

Zhao Hai pushed the storage door, only to discover that it couldn’t budge at all. The storage seemed to be a decoration. No use whatsoever.

Zhao Hai smiled and returned to the grass hut to sit on the bed, silently sorting out his possessions. Now that he had such a space, first was that the ground could be used for planting, the water could be used for drinking, and the soil could greatly increase maturity time of crops. 10 times! Plus the water, and that’s another 10 times. Heavens! With here, there would be no worry of starvation.

The basket could also be used, as well as the iron shovel. Water bucket, farm agents, pest dispenser, weed dispenser, these things were all good things, which could be taken out of space to be used. Most of all was the storage. With the existence of the storage, it meant that he had gigantic storage space. This was what he was most happy about.

According to Adam’s memories, there were many storage tools in this world. A spatial mage could a storage tool, but there weren’t many such mages in this world, so although storage tools weren’t few, they were all in the grip of the nobles. Common folk still had very few of them.

Their storage tools could not be compared to the storage. Those tools were small. At most, they couldn’t store more than several hundred cubic metres, and those were already referred to as divine relics. Ones that were like his storage did not exist at all.

Most importantly, the storage tools in Ark Continent could not store living things, while his storage actually could. The things he could store were not limited by type.

Other than static things, he also had 6 sacks of farm grass seeds and 500 gold coins. Although he couldn’t bring out his gold coins, he could use them to buy things in the shop within the space, which was enough.

After looking at the Overview, Zhao Hai knew that the basic premise of this space was mostly the same as the game. If he levelled up later, he would be able to unlock the ranch and do more things.

Most importantly, he now had 10 acres of ground and a never ending water spring. With these two things, he could think up a way to improve the black soil in the fief, but first he must plant on the 10 acres of ground.

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. He was a hobo, but born in a city. He never planted crops at all, so he could be regarded as someone who couldn’t tell the differences between the 5 grains. He had to plant crops all of a sudden, so he really didn’t know how to plant.

But Zhao Hai still put the farm grass seeds back to the storage. He was clear that the seeds wouldn’t have much use to him at the present, but if he unlocked the ranch later on, they would have a use. Now he needed what could be eaten, or crops that could be exchanged for money.

He opened up the Shop interface, and there were pictures of crops. Below them were levels and money needed to purchase them. Same as the game’s interface.

Zhao Hai looked at the internet and noticed that it was really the same as the game’s, and setting matched as well. He was only level 1 right now so the seeds that could be planted were farm grass, radishes, carrots and Napa cabbages. Others couldn’t be planted at all.

Zhao Hai tested things by pointing on seeds of a level 2 crop. The interface immediately displayed, <Level insufficient>. Zhao Hai understood that this was really the same as the game.

With only these 4 types of plantable crops, Zhao Hai picked radish seeds without hesitation. Every sack of the seeds cost 150 gold coins, and every sack could plant 10 acres of ground. 10 acres of yield neared around 80000 kilos. Selling to the Shop could bring 500 gold coins.

According to this world’s money power, 500 gold coins was approximately 50000 Yuan on Earth. In other words, a single gold coin was equal to 100 RMB. 1 silver coin was equal to 10 RMB. 1 copper coin was equal to 1 RMB.

Counting it this way, planting radishes was still worth it, but slightly worse compared to cabbages and carrots. Zhao Hai chose radishes, not because of how much they could be sold for, but because they were for experience.

When he played Farm Game in the past, Zhao Hai calculated seriously that in all of the crops, from soil tilling to planting, and then to harvesting, the one type of crop that could bring the most experience was this unremarkable radish. Now he mainly needed to raise the level so that he could plant more ground, and overall speaking, the gold coins yielded with radishes weren’t that much fewer. From the look of things, planting radishes were the most suitable choice.

Zhao Hai was a homebody, and homebodies don’t like to go outdoors, so when time came that he had to go outside no matter what, he would first calculate what to do when outside, how to save the most time, or finish the things that must be done a few days later in advance, so that he would not need to go out for several days.

As time went on, he gained a kind of calculative personality. When doing things, he would first calculate and find a plan most suitable for himself, then do things according to the plan.

This was the same. He calculated for half a day, and finally chose radishes, because radishes could yield the most experience. Compared to the loss of gold coins, this meant nothing.

Zhao Hai immediately bought a sack of radish seeds. They didn’t appear in front of him, but were sent to storage instead. When Zhao Hai made a single thought however, a small sack immediately appeared in front of him. It wasn’t large and it appeared to be flat. It didn’t seem to contain anything. But when Zhao Hai touched the sack, a notification sound came immediately, “Radish seeds, 1 sack. Can be planted. Can be taken out of space. Plant area: 10 acres.”

Zhao Hai let out a relaxed breath. Good thing that this sack of seeds could plant the 10 acres of ground. Otherwise, he would have no money to buy seeds. But the system was really scheming. Only free 6 acres, and only buying could get 10 acres. Really scheming.

After closing the Shop interface, Zhao Hai took the seeds and walked out of the grass hut, but he looked idly at the 10 acres of land. He bought the seeds alright, but how to plant them? How could a hobo like him plant crops? Not to mention, he didn’t know how to do it. This was a real predicament.

Once he thought of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but think to put the seeds back to storage. Suddenly he looked at the sack of seeds in his hands idly. A bold thinking entered his mind.

Everything in this space seemed to revolve around him. Although buying seeds required gold coins, the starting funds were given to him like he was playing a realistic game. If that was the case, then could he plant crops without doing so on his own?

Acting upon thought, Zhao Hai immediately thought of the radish seeds. The moment he had such thoughts, the sack in his hands flew out and the iron shovel moved as well. The shovel dug a small hole in the ground and one of the seeds flew into the hole. Then the water bucket flew up and watered the hole, and the shovel buried the hole before digging another hole again, then seeding, then watering, and then burying. It was like several people were accurately doing their own work with great cooperation to plant on the soil. Zhao Hai didn’t actually have to move his own hands.

Zhao Hai looked at this and couldn’t help from laughing loudly. This space was too great. He felt that he was the god of this space. With just his own thoughts, things in here would act according to his will. It was too good.

When he saw that it still needed a while before the planting was finished, Zhao Hai feared that Greene would panic from discovering his disappearance, so he thought of exiting the space. With a thought, he returned to the room in the castle at iron mountain. He looked at the sky out of the window. No large changes, and the room didn’t seem to have anyone coming in. This made Zhao Hai believe that he didn’t stay for a long time inside the space. Even if he did, the time inside the space and the time outside of it must’ve been different.

Zhao Hai was so excited he wanted to shout. With such a heaven-defying cheating tool, he could at least be a free little landlord in this world. Whether or not he could take revenge for Adam aside, ensuring that he would live better days first was the solid way.

One had to admit that Zhao Hai wasn’t a person with great ambitions. He had a strong middle-class mindset. It’s fine if he lived well enough himself. Restoring Buda family’s glory, helping it take revenge, helping Adam take revenge, those were all impulsive thoughts spurred from the moment. When he thought of the power of the nobles, he felt a chill running in his heart. The great Buda family could be eliminated with just a command from others. What would a little Zhao Hai like him be in comparison? Wiping him out would be a matter of waving a hand.

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