BBP’s Consort: Chapter 65

TL;DR Version: All the side projects I translate are going on hiatus until I finish PAH. I am not dropping! But, if someone wants to pick it up or contribute by tling chapters with my grace, email me w/ a sample translated chapter. + lots of love to the readers and sponsors~

My contact info:
email = [email protected]
discord = Chiyomira #0560

Chapter 65

Long Version:

Dear readers,

Thank you for all the support during this time, it’s cliche but I really couldn’t have gotten this far without all the encouragement (300 chps tled, give or take). Hence I’m really sorry to have to put up this news. College life is really busy and trying to keep 5 series active is dragging all of the series down. Thus, after struggling over the same decision for months, I’ve finally gotten up the resolution to put all the side series on hiatus. I will be focusing on PAH until it finishes. During this time, if people want to translate some chapters of the series or want to completely pick up the series, you guys are welcomed to. However, I would like you guys to contact me beforehand. (More detail on that below) After PAH is finished, I will look through the series that haven’t been picked up and choose one as the next one to focus on. The hiatus for the series will probably last a year.

Meanwhile, since this is a good stopping point, I’ll be putting out 1 extra chapter of Celestial for all the people that sponsored, and 2 more parts of island to finish the current island chapter.

For those who are interested in translating the series:
There’s always more than 2 options but I’ll just be detailing two for the sake of relative brevity. Regardless of what you do, I hope you’ll contact me first and talk with me a little about it. (Of course, not that I can do anything if you decide to just pick up one of the series without a word)

Picking up and hosting on your own site:
This option is if you are 1. Confident in your skill, 2. Want to host on your own site, 3. Determined to translate the series to its end.
If you contact me, I will ask for a translated chapter to look through and give you my most honest feedback (I’ll pay attention so it’s not harsh though, so don’t be scared off!). What you do with the feedback though is up to you.

Wish to contribute by translating but does not want to be a one-man army:
This option is if you 1. Don’t want to spend 15 min per chp posting it, 2. Want someone to check your translations and grammar, 3. Want some pocket change, etc. So basically, w/ this option, you’ll translate the chapter and I may tlc through it before posting on moonbunnycafe.
Overall, I’ll ask you for a translated chapter, then give you feedback like with the first option. Then if that leads to further discussion, we’ll talk about my involvement and the monetary split. Below is the general outline of mostly the monetary aspect and how high of a quality I’ll request. Of course, all final details will be decided after discussion.

Monetary aspect:
Revenue split: #your chapters published/#total chapters published
From that amount, based on how much I have to tlc, I’ll take a 0-20% additional split from that.
0% additional split – if your grammar and quality are so high you don’t need a second eye and I only have to post the chp.
~5+% additional split – Quality is high enough that I hand you an annotated chp and tlc only the parts you want a double check on. Minimal issue with grammar.
~20% additional split – if it takes less time than for me to translate, but I have to grammar check and tlc through all of it/make a lot of edits.(40mins is max that I’m willing to spend)

Requirements aspect:
Basically, the quality has to be high enough that it doesn’t take me too much time to tlc through it. The optimal quality would be if everything seems accurate enough and I only have to grammar check while content checking the parts you marked which need tlc.

Other options:
Always up to ideas. But no matter what, first thing I’ll ask for is a sample translated chapter.


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