BBP’s Consort: Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Taking a Consort

Su Qiqi expected Hua Qianzi’s attitude to be this way, so she didn’t mind it.

However, she felt a little tired encountering them one after another.

As Hua Qianzi stood near the entrance of the wang fu’s doors, her facial color alternated between green and white. She pressed her lips together as unconcealable viciousness filled her eyes. She had seen Su Qiqi walk together into the main courtyard with Mo Wenchen.

It was as if Su Qiqi had been promoted to a higher position ever since she cured wang ye’s illness.

Hua Qianzi had also been surprised by the turn of events. The reason why she chose to act now was because she seriously could not wait any longer.

She had waited for so many years, yet all that arrived was Su Qiqi. At the start, she thought that with her looks, she’d undoubtedly be able to crush Su Qiqi who the Emperor had discarded.

She had even planned to send Su Qiqi to her death with one move while Su Qiqi was still in the Laundry Department. Sadly though, the heavens do not comply with human wishes.

Su Qiqi’s keyed up emotions finally settled when she got to her room. Yes, she was staying in the same courtyard as Mo Wenchen now, not in the Laundry Department.

This time, she has felt Mo Wenchen’s attitude towards her steadily change.

Looks like, she had managed to wait through the clouds and the view of the moon is now clear.

Mo Wenchen didn’t even bother to rest for a moment after he returned to wang fu. He immediately called all the guards from all parts of the Magnetic Capital, and he started interrogating them on the events that had happened while he was gone.

He still remembered how the members of Hua Xia Syndicate had blocked the road to the Imperial City. He was worried that they had set their sights on Magnetic Capital while he was gone, so he paid special attention to everything that was going on in the surroundings.

Perhaps it was because it was near the end of the year as the surroundings were all very peaceful. These bandits were probably also planning to celebrate the new year as there were actually no abnormal movements.

The Magnetic Capital has always been very peaceful and secure.

However, there was one matter that had caused Mo Wenchen some distress. His Queen Aunt from Hundred Flower Nation had sent a letter over, requesting for him to properly look after Hua Qianzi. She had even handed the responsibility for Hua Qianzi’s life (=marry her) to Mo Wenchen.

Of course he knew what Hua Qianzi desired all these years. However, he had never thought much about it.

Now, he hesitated upon seeing the letter his aunt had personally written.

The first reason was because Su Qiqi was his main consort, and he had no intentions of taking away Su Qiqi’s status as a first rank main consort.

If Hua Qianzi became his bride, it could only be with the status of a side consort.

He knew how much the Queen of Hundred Flower Nation had looked after him. He had never seen his birth mother before. The late Emperor had only acted with restrained fear due to this aunt of his, not to mention, the Hundred Flower Nation had done a lot for Mo Wenchen. It was only because of them that he had been able to not only survive alone in the Imperial Palace of great Yan, but also possessed the achievements of today.

He couldn’t forget favors and violate justice.

And it was because of this ‘justice’ that he had always kept one eye closed to Hua Qianzi’s movements. He never disputed with her, nor punished her even when she caused big ruckuses in the wang fu.

In addition, it wasn’t that he didn’t suspect Hua Qianzi on the road back. He was aware of everything Hua Qianzi did to Su Qiqi while he wasn’t in the fu

However, because he harbored disgust towards Su Qiqi back then, he didn’t bother to get involved.

On their way back, he had killed all of the assassins. He wanted to teach Hua Qianzi a lesson, yet he also felt like he was making a big fuss over a minor issue.

After all, if he could forgive Lei Yuyao, he could forgive Hua Qianzi.

He thought, one day Hua Qianzi would inevitably leave wang fu to return to Hundred Flower Nation.

However, the matter this time was making things a bit difficult.

Su Qiqi slept really well without any shadows in her heart. Her appearance seemed completely relaxed and refreshed. Since her mother’s death, she had been wearing mourning garments the entire time with a white cloth flower inserted in her hair. Her physique which was slim from the beginning now looked even frailer as if a breeze could sweep her away.

Leng Yan was the only one besides Mo Wenchen that knew a letter had come from the Queen of Hundred Flower Nation. Thus, at this time, Su Qiqi wasn’t aware that another great challenge was lying ahead for her.

Her life that had just settled down was about to be disrupted again.

Due to the fact that Hua Qianzi had always handled everything that went on in wang fu, she also dealt with all the activities that went on in the fu from morning to night. Mo Wenchen doesn’t get involved, so Su Qiqi had even less right to show an interest in it.

It was only due to this that Hua Qianzi didn’t completely flip out. Otherwise, she’d probably stop bothering to take anything into consideration.

As she ordered the servants around, she watched Su Qiqi walk out from Mo Wenchen’s courtyard.

That face did not change. Her facial features were ordinary and her expression was still as tranquil as ever.

Hua Qianzi sent off the manservant next to her. Then, lifting her head, she headed towards Su Qiqi.

Her expression was filled with provocation.

Su Qiqi, who had originally planned to walk around her, saw her behavior and knew that she was purposefully heading over.

Su Qiqi clenched her fists inside her sleeves but didn’t show any expression change. She continued heading forward as if she hadn’t seen Hua Qianzi.

“Freeze.” Hua Qianzi actually flew into a rage out of humiliation. Where did this woman get her self-confidence? Even while she was still in the Laundry Department, she has never shown due respect towards her, Hua Qianzi.

Though Su Qiqi heard, she didn’t stop walking. She was planning to pick some plum blossoms to put inside the rooms.

Due to the fact that Mo Wenchen has been taking medicine this entire time, the room was filled with the smell of medicine. Su Qiqi wanted to use the flower fragrance to mask some of that smell.

Hua Qianzi had her chin lifted high and her phoenix eyes were round from her glower. However, her command had no effect at all.

Seeing this, she fiercely flung her sleeves back and strode towards Su Qiqi with large steps. Abruptly moving up, she blocked Su Qiqi’s path. “I told you to freeze, didn’t you hear?”

Her appearance seemed furious.

Su Qiqi had already stopped walking as she had predicted that Hua Qianzi would do this. She stepped back a little and sized Hua Qianzi up. “I have a name, or you can call me wang fei niang niang.”

Her words were not arrogant; she did not put on airs. However, the imposing aura born from her indifferent tone far surpassed any aura Hua Qianzi’s purposefully lifted face gave off.

It was as if she had this innate aloof and remote aura.

“You…” Hua Qianzi gritted her teeth.

“Do you have business? If not, please move aside.” Su Qiqi slightly lowered her eyes, seeming completely unconcerned. She didn’t pay attention to Hua Qianzi’s fury at all.

Hua Qianzi really wanted to take out the long whip at her waist. However, she forcefully endured that impulse when she recalled the future wedding.

After suppressing her anger with difficulty, she lifted her brows and said, “It’s nothing big. I just wished to inform wang fei niang niang that after New Year’s Eve, I will become wang ye’s consort as well. When that time comes, we… sisters must properly serve wang ye together.”

Hua Qianzi had unexpectedly picked up Su Qiqi’s skill of using four taels to move a thousand pounds. She had spoken gently with a mild smile.

But these words caused Su Qiqi, who had been standing with her back straight, to stiffen. Her facial color also became pale and colorless.

She looked at Hua Qianzi’s proud appearance and knew this was definitely true.

Su Qiqi was a little unbalanced but she forced herself to calm down. The fact that Mo Wenchen was going to marry Hua Qianzi was something she was incapable of interfering with.

She didn’t even know what place she had in Mo Wenchen’s heart.

However, her heart couldn’t help but become heavy. There was only one sentence echoing in her mind: Mo Wenchen was marrying Hua Qianzi…

“Of course…” Su Qiqi didn’t know what she said either. At this time, her thoughts were in complete disarray.

After Hua Qianzi finished speaking, she tilted her head back and laughed loudly. She had finally seen Su Qiqi with such a pathetic expression on her face.

As she smiled, she moved aside. “Wang fei niang niang, go ahead.”

Su Qiqi didn’t notice Hua Qianzi as she mechanically moved towards the plum forest.

She remembered she was going to collect some plum blossoms….

After all is said and done, she was still only his wang fei in name. If it wasn’t because of that binding written imperial edict, if it weren’t for the fact that she had sacrificed her mother for his sake, perhaps he wouldn’t even show any gentleness or have tried to save her on the way back.

Their husband and wife status has always been only in name.

Perhaps, it will always continue to be so, because the one he wants to marry is Hua Qianzi.

Only a person with that kind of stunning appearance was fit to match him, the grand Bei Ding Hou wang ye. Only that type of person could match his stunning talent and matchless ability.

Since ancient times, talented men were matched with beauties. Whereas, she herself was just a mere saltless woman!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by AiLin

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