Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapters 26-28

Chapter 26-28

Whew! Enjoy these 3 chapters, 2 of which are sponsored by E. Holcmanova! Round of applause~! Sponsor rates are also getting a lot more in control, and the chapters currently in the queue are only lasting until March 8th. So here’s the part where you can decide: 3 chapters a day, but only until March 8th (unless more donations come in), or 2 chapters a day and let it last until the 14th? Well, you guys can choose, but for now, I sleep!!!

My editor is currently sick, so I’m afraid that these last few chapters haven’t been edited, hence the errors. It’ll hopefully be fixed soon.But on the hand, I’m alive again! hehe.

Translator: Kiki

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3 Responses to Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapters 26-28

  1. T says:

    Hmmm… probably the double releases until the 14th would be best with it lasting longer for us readers and loosen up your burden. Thank you for translating this novel!!!!♡

  2. Heart of Ice says:

    TT^TT I love the 3 chapter release (i usually just have the chapter ready in my tab and press next, so i don’t actually come across this page. Sorry it’s late ><)

  3. theres a part in chapter 28 that needs to be fixed. it says debi chen instead of the crown princes name when talking about his pain and that people dont like him much. other then that love the story had to read it over from the beginning to refresh my memory to read the rest of the novel.

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