Bewitching Prince Spoils his Wife; Chapter 89-91

Chapter 89-91

Enjoy! These 2 chapters were sponsored by C.Schunemann and A.Bridges. A round of applause! Yay!

Also idk if you guys noticed already, but bewitching prince is now at $20. I actually just got a donation yesterday, but i’m not sure if they knew that it changed or not, so you know who you are, if you could get back to me on that, i’d be really, really grateful. If you didn’t know, I’ll count it as 2 chapters, but please, please please be honest, okay?

Queue: 4 (or 5 if the person didn’t know)
TL: Kiki

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4 Responses to Bewitching Prince Spoils his Wife; Chapter 89-91

  1. Shirohana says:

    thanks for the chapters(haven’t read them yet)
    Banzai!!!! it is my first time commenting and
    I hope the person gets in touch with you
    I’m too poor to donate so I’ll stick to the adds but again. Thank you so much for translating

    • Shirohana says:

      wait I dont even know if im doing this correctly. So i bookmark the link, open it and then from there click the chapter? why is it so clomplicated*cries inside*

    • Kiki says:

      Haha, don’t worry, you’re doing it correctly XD! Don’t bookmark this link, bookmark the project page (which you can find at the beginning and bottom of each chapter). or better yet, just bookmark MBC! this novel updates daily, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find it

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